Monday, March 16, 2009

Cooking Sundays! M & M's

Biscuits N Gravy! I can see Heather and Karen snickering right now:)
We had a great time, but frankly, wore ourselves out? There just arent enough hours in the day I tell you. Not nearly enough! We are seriously spent!
We had 3 rooms booked, and of course still learning, still moving, still organized chaos. Grunt. This is just going to take longer than expected !! We go from room to room talking about this needs to be done, that needs to be done and literally FALL on the sofa .....head swimming.
Time. Again I hear it, it takes TIME. Grunt. We met some cool peoples I must say... its just good plain hard working fun. I hope that I always feel that way. It seems to get harder as the days go by, however the guests are fun to deal with. Its the cleaning, cooking, decorating, re organizing, weight lifting, lightbulb changing, recycling, marketing, sales ad's, registration paperwork...WORK, thats not so easy. Oh yes, and Ginger minding. Shes a handful all by herself! She is very discomboobilated... again...time right? And then theres Rudy who isnt even there yet! I came in today and he was so happy to see me, that I am still being kissed!
::Gotta lub that::
I'm off to quilt awhile, I really need a day off soon. Love yer guts! G

Marvelous Monday's include:

New friends that come and go?

A TV in every room ya walk into!

2 refridgerators!

2 fireplaces!!

2 Cars!

my UGG slippers...omgoodness what would I do without them?

Text message pics of my grands:) I miss u Sooooooo Much!


Gretchen said...

OM goodness girl, you have taken on quite a project! Be sure to take time to come up for air.
I look forward to visiting one day!

Gina said...

LOL YA THINK Gretchen???? WOW!
And yes, I'll expect a holiday call from ya!

Desert Threads said...

And don't forget to breath!!!
Breath in......breath out!!

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