Monday, March 30, 2009

No Easy Task-M & M's

To move into one home, and out of another, entertain, organize, clean, be presentable and social. We are indeed spent, and it is nowhere near over! If you read the Pickford Pages, ( our new humble abode blogabout) you can see that we are multi-tasking to beat all. Walt & I have quarter bets on who will drop first. We should be finished moving all things by Wednesday, but then what do we do with it all? And...and... and... Guests keep coming! And..and.. and.. Spring Break is here!
OMGOODNESS! NO... control....::calm:::breathe:::: ( almost lost it)
I lost other things! My camera! My favorite Jacket! Its gotta be somewhere right? I miss Aviana:(
oh sorry... just crossed my mind. Which is nearing pulp stage. GRUNT. I'll have more to report soon. Happy Monday, I'm off to scrub the "other" house.

Marvelous... come on Gina... MARVELOUS Mondays include:

*Man this is taking too much thought.............
*Go along, get along pets! They just lub their humans eh?
* My new bed! (did I tell you that Walt hero'd up a new bed from Costco? Its sumptous!)
*Lemon Drops, love em, but sure makes me miss my Jake, he needs to come home dang it.
*Those really cool tape dispensers to strap boxes with. What a cool tool:)
*Walts health, its holding up!
* Corey, a friend who (even far away) comes to the rescue when I call and meltdown.

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Vicki W said...

You must operate well on very little sleep - I can't believe all you've accomplished in such a short time! Are you selling your other house?

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