Saturday, June 30, 2007


Now you know........ I just wake up groggy shuffling through the house. I routinely feed the pets, find a juicy pen and a cool pad to write on for the day. I dribble coffee like an idiot onto it every day too. I find my tablet from the previous day and look to see if there are any carry overs. There always are, and I always grunt at it as if it were real and could hear me.I am fully aware that I am on auto-pilot for at least one hour. Please never tell me anything of any importance during this period of the day. ( my kids actually got away with murder upon learning this trick) About the second cuppa, you may speak. Unless of course I have miss placed a list. Then much like Walt losing the remote control to the tele, duck and run.

That would be today. Master list, missing in action. THE list! I yelled at poor Walt that its June 30Th I CANNOT lose the master list as our friends will arrive in 12 days! I cannot spend 3 days of the 12 looking for the damn thing either! THIS is the itinerary! THIS is the TO DO before arrival list! THIS LIST TRUMPS ALL OTHER 3M Lists in the house! He decided to lay low and iron his own shirt while I frantically tore the kitchen apart. Funny, I never iron that fast, and btw, he sure left the house fast too? Did he tell me that he loved me? I cant remember now.. anyway, I digress. I personally don't think people give enough credit to listing or clipboarding as my friends call it. If you have ever called yourself absent minded, you need one. If you ever suspected even one gene of ADHD in your body, ya need one. If you are a multitasker, ya need one.If you are anywhere near menopause you need one.

I'm now late for my own schedule, the phone is already in full swing, I have no time to blog let alone answer emails.The Gardner wants my attention, and why the hell I never learned enough Spanish to speak as fast as HE does is beyond me! The water softener guy is here with salt on his shoulder, apparently, he was on that list?

I found yesterdays list, I found my prayer lists, I found a summary list of bills for the month, I even found a grocery list that fell off the fridge. But I couldn't find my Blima list! I decided to calm down, make more coffee and get to work. To hell with everything, just get to work. I unloaded the quilt from last night and flipped it onto the cutting table for trimming. I got sidetracked when I saw pretty lime fabric I was auditioning for binding and decided to cut that up. While I was at it, I may as well make a bunch more too. I daydreamed for a lil bit cause I sure love petting fabric, especially lime Now that my cutting table is full of fabrics, I cannot trim the last quilt. GRUNT. So I took the dog for a walk. Its now noon, and I realize I'm in big trouble without my lists. Walt phoned to ask to meet for lunch. ( he is feeling safe now eh?) Off we go to lunch. Not terrible, one hour or so, then I stop to pick up meds at the pharmacy. WHY do they put in a Marshall's right next to a pharmacy? Why I ask you? Yes, of course I went in and came out with a beautiful, I mean beautiful chocolate pinwale corduroy fall skort, DKNY size 3 toddler for Aviana.... THAT was certainly not on any list.
I arrive home and pick up a few things,(mostly Ginger toys) consider dinner. Chit... nothing out of freezer. Wonder what was on the list? ( I think it was steaks?)
Glancing at the clock, its 3:00 Pm, NOTHING done yet... Do you see why I need lists now? Do you see a scheduling issue happening? Do I need classes on scheduling my time? Can I ask for more hours in my day? I saw a site once about that very thing.. guess what? She woke up all chipper at 5:00 am. Not happening. Why is it that now that I'm older I can do but half the things at once that I used to do in half the time? Pondering this.
I'm not happy with unproductive days. I like to sit on the patio late in the evening with a last cuppa coffee and relish in the days accomplishments. Its a highlight for me. I wish to see a clean kitchen, at least one quilt ready to go home and be loved, a list with alot of red hash marks on it, a well fed family relaxing from a productive day!
4 PM, trying not to panic and realizing that its nearly wine 30, and I haven't earned it. Do I start a frozen dinner, call for a pizza, or go to work? So I check email! Sharon catches me on yahoo IM and I could see her wagging her finger at me for not getting things done that I griped about the day before. OK. good. get to work, list will turn up. (Lord please don't let Walt come home early today, cause ya know how he distracts me) I turned the music up loud, poured a glass of vino, began unpiling the cutting table, trimmed yesterdays quilt, hung and checked in new ones, Set aside all bindings for pressing. I can once again see the measurements on the table! AND........THE LIST.
Now you see, if I had of gone to work first thing this morning, I would have had it in my hot little hand right?
<---dork alert.
I felt so relieved. I read the list of to do's passing all confirmations and itineraries... just to see if I did ANYTHING right today. yep.. I GOT ONE RED HASH MARK I CAN MAKE!!! I bought DIET COKE WOOHOO! (I'm really quite upset with myself, but I''ll take it!)
7 PM, Pizza delivery dude at the door. Phew, Do ya just love deliveries? I wish everything was able to be delivered. I once got Blima a tee shirt that reads.... I WANT IT ALL AND I WANT IT DELIVERED... so perfect.
Mufasa comes in and I can see he is "throwing his hat in first". I tell him that its alright, I found it, but I'm burning the midnight oil AGAIN. He laughed and asked what he could do to help. I said sure, cross some things off of Saturday's list for me. He read it, and promptly headed for the recliner. GRUNT.
12:00 am. Day is done. The kitchens clean, theres a quilt wrapped pretty over there. I need a long hot soak and a good nights sleep, and I hope that tomorrow I will find my MOJO Earlier than evening time. I'm signing off, will post this on Sunday, I'm taking my list with me, thanks.
BTW, that beautiful quilt on the clipboard I cannot take credit for.. and I have forgotten who can? I love pretty paper you know, so sometimes I print off a quilt and use it for list making. I think subliminally the patterns get in my head and come out on fabrics when least expected! (cool huh?)
LYG. Gina

Friday, June 29, 2007

Butternut Squash Soup (creamless)

I was in a zoupa mood?
My Friend Blima finally found a butternut squash soup I love!
I just cant stop making it! I love cream, it doesnt love me, I have now a happy medium! Wait til you try my Seafood Chowder! (It has all the cream) When I grow up, I think I'll be the Beach Soup Nazi!


1 celery rib, chopped

1 medium carrot, chopped

1 medium onion, chopped ( I use sweet Maui Wowie's)

2 tablespoons fine-quality extra-virgin olive oil

1 lb winter squash such as butternut, peeled, seeded, and cut into 1/2-inch cubes
Tip: Do not be tempted by those peeled for you bags of squash, the flavor is lost, gone, dead, and the soup will reflect this. ( ask me how I know) FRESH is always best!

1/2 lb Yukon gold potatoes, peeled and cut into 1/2-inch cubes

1/2 teaspoon dried hot red pepper flakes (Walt likes more)
4 cups or 1 box of chicken broth ( heated)

1 Teaspoon Salt

Cook celery, carrot, and onion in 2 tablespoons oil in a 3-quart heavy saucepan over low heat, stirring occasionally, until tender but not browned, 10 to 12 minutes. Add squash, potatoes, pepper flakes and salt. Stir in 4 cups heated broth and simmer, covered, until vegetables are very tender, about 20 minutes.

Purée soup in batches in a blender or food processor...(use caution when blending hot liquids).

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Around the Water Cooler

Sorry, I can't take it! ( as my Avi would say) I don't normally discuss such controversial matters but COME ON ROSIE !!! I have pondered this since last evening when I saw it on the news. Just when I think she cannot disgust me any further....voila` Rosie has her poor lil 4 year old daughters picture plastered everywhere and calls it ART?
Does she mean Anti War Art? Does she mean trick or treat Art? Thought provoking art? Ok, lets run with that one shall we?
THOUGHT: How does this measure up to dangling ones child out the window of a high rise building?
THOUGHT: How can one use their child as a forum for political regurgitation?
THOUGHT: Is it any wonder that our young adults are being De sensitized to the killing of a human life?
THOUGHT: Will her daughter grow up and join someones Army as a result of playing war games as a child? Who's army? Kill big bad Americans?
Many many thoughts have been provoked here today. And man I have some really clean counter tops too! (scrub, snarl, scrub)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Valley Trip

Many of you heard the tale of Mom adopting Lucy poodle #1 didn't ya? As hard as that was, to let Lucy go after 6 months of bonding, training, loving, I made the right decision. She and Lucy go together like peas ~n~ carrots. During the last year I pined away for her a time or two but knew that I had made Mom happy and less lonesome. She has Dad , of course, but I think these days he is more of a pita than a pal. Lucy has filled the void. To tell the truth, I feel that I have been rewarded with Ginger who is really matched better to my personality. Lucy being the demure lil thing that she is, fits Moms lifestyle best. Ginger gives me a run for my money with her sassy ways. I must stay one step ahead of her in order to outsmart her! She is the challenge that I need. So pondering this... maybe it was all meant to be that I raise Lucy for Ma huh? It could be?

I just travelled over 900 miles in 3 days. There. I had to vent that. JEEZ I had my drive on again! I'm not complaining mind you. I picked up nine jobs, delivered five. I saw my kids and grand kids, kisses and more kisses. I turned over the rental home to re-rent July 1. I had coffee with my pal Heather. We solved maybe 3 or 4 problems of the world is all. I picked up my Mom and spent a wonderful day with my sis and family. I filled out paperwork for my Dad, and checked out all of his Owies. All in all, even missing work here, it was a good trip. Fast, but good.

Ginger and Lucy met and played in the pool with me. They really didn't like it too much, however Ginger did go in later by herself with no coaxing. ( she loves water) In the picture she is up top doing the doggie paddle while Lucy makes a Beeline for the steps!
Ginger also met a neighborhood Poodle named Noodle. Noodle was an obnoxious toy boy and Ginger promptly put him in his place. Good dog.
I mustn't give the impression that my ginny is a prissy poo.. quite the opposite in fact. She is a dog. She buries her toys when I'm not looking, and jumps in the sprinklers just to mess up our nice hair do! This of course resulted in her nail polish being screwed up too. GRUNT.
btw, that chain hanging isn't attached to her, that just wouldn't

And last but not least I wanted to show you that she has allergies to the valley. Yep yep yep... crying eyes we have.... she began on our way down, and wasnt until today that it has cleared up! I understand, I have allergic reactions there too. You may take that any way you want to:)
So with her dirt filled face, nails and do gone, we are home and back to work. She and I both feel a bit better having seen the FAM for awhile. That should hold us til next month. We have friends coming in from Montreal this month, so we will go back to the groomer to freshen up for Auntie Blima:)


Yes, its true Dear Martha I edit!

I think it was in the first few days of blogging that I read somewhere about editting. Pro/con. I take the Pro approach. So sometimes, if you think you are losing your mind when you re-read one of my posts, you really arent, I did it! I'm the man on the grassy knowle!! I think this new rule will work out great for when I am snotty in the morning dont you?
Censor thyself Woman!

I go back when I'm not quite so rushed to spit something out of my head. Then of course I find errors. (and I ALWAYS do). So dont concern yourself with issues of forgetfulness or vision problems; its just me 'fixin' things:)I am on my second cuppa, so we're all safe!
Good Hump Day Morning to all blog buddies, Lurkers, family and friends. Even the non buddies, yep, theres those too:)

Thanks also to all who do post a comment! It keeps me happily blogging:)

PS: I thought I'd share a joke with you too... I'm still laughing! Thanks Blima

I was walking down the street when I was accosted by a particularly dirty and shabby-looking homeless woman who asked me for a couple of dollars for dinner. I took out my wallet, got out ten dollars and asked, "If I give you this money, will you buy some wine with it instead of dinner?" "No, I had to stop drinking years ago", the homeless woman told me. "Will you use it to go shopping instead of buying food?" I asked. "No, I don't waste time shopping," the homeless woman said. "I need to spend all my time trying to stay alive." "Will you spend this on a beauty salon instead of food ?" I asked. "Are you NUTS!" replied the homeless woman. "I haven't had my hair done in 20 years!" "Well," I said, "I'm not going to give you the money. Instead, I'm going to take you out for dinner with my husband and me tonight." The homeless Woman was shocked. "Won't your husband be furious with you for doing that? I know I'm dirty, and I probably smell pretty disgusting." I said, "That's okay. It's important for him to see what a woman looks like after she has given up shopping, hair appointments, and wine."

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tagged With Random Unknowns Of Me

"I think that somehow,
we learn who we really are
and then live with that decision."
Eleanor Roosevelt

 I think I can do that in an hour that I alot myself on here to whine to you:) Heather, I'll squeeze the other 50 in when I can OK? (even though that's way more than anyone needs to know about a person huh? LOL)
#1 I am an absolute ass in the morning. Don't bother me, animals , kids, no one, nothing, until I have coffee, pull the cobwebs out, and brush my lions mane. I'm not proud of this, try as I may I just cant seem to change it?

#2 Music has been the soothing of my soul for all of my life. My first dream (and I have had many) was to be ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR. I worked quite hard at it! As a child I sang for adults, as a teen I competed with adults, as a grown woman, I changed dreams, and sang to my children. As an Empty Nester, I sing to the pets. And through it all, I sing to my Father, and am grateful for this talent.

#3 I decided recently that my life is organized chaos, and that's okay with me. Lists help:)
#4 I love weird little things like Juicy pens, pretty paper,boxes,Gif's,photos, unique office supply. Texture is oh so fine:)
#5 Even tho all my kids were taught to be expert swimmers, their Mom JUST learned how.(I think) From the cradle I had those lil puddle jumpers paddling, it really never occurred to me to do it myself?
#6 Sometimes I miss being the Koolaid Mom, sometimes I'm glad that's done. Sweet memories.
#7 I have always kept a life's journal. At age 40, I destroyed them. I wish I hadn't. Preserving history seems of the utmost importance now. Jeez I hope I'm not going to kick the bucket anytime soon.
#8 I love cars! I would own 6 if I could! One for any mood! Lets see, T Bird or Jaguar for coastal drives with feet out the window (Wink to Blim). A nice Pick up truck with a heavy payload for those home Depot trips to get more bricks:) and when I feel sassy. My Jeep for 4 wheeling on the Dunes. Luxury car with GPS for the road trips..hmm... Lincoln Ls, Avalon, or the Jag Sedan maybe. A little Pismo Mini Cooper for the short skirts round town, and lastly an Italian Vespa Scooter, JES FER FUN. Oh Wait! And an old one to restore! Probably a 56 T bird:)
#9 <---Champagne taste on a beer budget... I think its Ma's fault, she said I should be Queen... maybe I was in another life? dang it.

#10 I love so much, and never say it enough. I never have...hmmm kinda like the swimming thing. Gotta work on that one.
#11 I so cherish mine and Walt's first date at Coit Tower in San Francisco. November 1997, we danced to Elton John's "ONE"; In the moonlight with wine in hand and Heather as my chaperon because I was such a chicken to "date". lol
#12 I secretly wish that i could write music and lyrics. I just love it.
#13 Rudy is the best pet I have EVER had, and he is the messiest too. GRUNT.
#14 I'm getting tired of cooking. I don't love it like I used to. Once in awhile I love to play, but I think I'm somewhat over it...ROFL. I would rather have it done for me. The problem is its freshest when I MAKE IT.. and thats the most important. So, I still cook.
#15 I think Gwen Stephani is a helluva business woman. What a marketor!( reminiscent of Madonna I say)
#16 When my nails look bad, I feel bad. I'm grateful for my Ma's nails.
#17 I'm afraid of family dieing, WWGD?
#18 I get pissy about people stealing my chit BEFORE I make it famous. I guess its my bad huh?
#19 I really like Michael Buble, too bad he is drunk so much of the time... IDIOT. He needs to see me about wine 30. There Are rules.
#20 I have many rules. LMAO!!
#21 As a young girl I loved to ride dirt bikes, fish, hunt and shoot guns. My Dad called me his favorite son. I really didn't like that too much, so I stopped them all as an adult.
#22 I was bucked off my sisters horse for trying to lead her into a trailer in the dark. DAP.
#23 I think hunting for sport is wrong. I just do.
#24 I hate that I wear glasses now. They bother me.
#25 I have issues about being "good enough". Doesn't matter the topic, I just want to be good enough at it. Good enough Mother, wife,grandmother, auntie, daughter, sister, friend, quilter, business woman, blogger.... you get it right? I NEED to be good enough.
#26 <--weirdo

#27 I don't like cola drinks. I like Iced tea, or water/mineral water, coffee, or wine.
#28 I met and entertained Walter Matthau for an evening. ( sp ck, memory loss due to menopause)
#29 My drivers license is due to renew and test on this year... kicking n screaming I will have to go.
#30 I hope I have gobs of money when I get older so I can get some "work" done on myself:)
#31 I REALLY hope I get the new iphone.
#32 I boil eggs when I'm stressing out.. No idea why.
#33 Unfamiliar places make me very nervous.
#34 I am always pleasantly surprised and happy to attend a function which begins with the Pledge of Allegiance.
#35 Since I have become a machine quilter, I've noticed my fabric stash dwindling, and my thread stash increasing.
#36 I absolutely love love love commercials! I know? Whoda thunk? They make me laugh, or ponder, or sigh, or sometimes cry! Remember the Pac Bell one? Now my new fav is the Caveman for Geico? How about the Levi's ad during Superbowl a few years ago? HOWLED with laughter!
#37 Speaking of... I love laughter! Belly laughs, giggles, chuckles or snickers... Its perfect medicine for me.
#38 More good medicine for me is retail therapy... so lets sum that up shall we? Shopping, sewing, and laughing... there it is! I'm healed!
#39 I am a spooner.
#40 I am sentimental, and sometimes downright sappy.. but I didn't tell you that.
#41 I don't like trash thrown about in public places, I think its rude.
#42 I like being well cared for. Whether its tending to my car, my head or my heart, I like being well cared for. And I live to return the feelings.
#43 I detest drugs and the harm that abuse brings.
#44 Not a day passes without one of my kids on my mind.
#45 When I was about 10 years old, I got my little sisters toes caught in the spokes of my bike. I was so afraid she would lose her toes that I think it was the first real "on my knees" praying.
#46 I am so thankful to have a healthy family, I know that we are blessed.
#47 I dig remote controlled anything.. Automation! Bring it on!
#48 I hate that I gained so much weight since the accident. SOME people like it that way...grunt. I enjoyed being a clothes horse.
#49 I think that happiness is a choice.
#50 I have no desire to do what I consider to be dangerous things. Such as bungee jumping, race car driving, skiing..and the like. I think in that respect, I may be boring. My idea of HIGH adventure is a Macy's White Sale.. Super Saturday, holy cow!

OK, how many left now? 50? grunt ...... sheesh! Who made this game up anyway?

Monday, June 25, 2007

MQS Memories

MQS Memories

I learned many things this week, so many that they really come to me in spurts! If its a new technique that comes to mind, I hurry over and flip through all of my notes. If its a person that I cannot remember their name but remember their smile, I dash to the computer and study the beautiful faces. I learned that Canada has wine in single serving boxes?

I learned that my Sensi will be missed until we meet again next year at MQX.
Also, that Sharon will hold onto me if it appears that I have fallen to the floor?
I learned that in Kansas you may be blown half way out the hotel doors. Geez I love California.
That one must always have an extra set of clothes in a carry on for when their luggage is hijacked to Utah.

I learned that 6 weeks without seeing Aviana is way too long.
I learned that I too can quilt like a superstar! Just ask me! LMAO!!
Also that my doodle pen gets the award for pen of the year! ( lil fetish, please excuse)
I learned that Hot Tubs provide much more than a relaxing soak.
That when the Moms away the animals will tease each other unmercifully.
That when ya find that drop dead gorgeous Brighton bag you love, BUY IT! That Lime really IS the new Prozac!

Only regret? I didnt get enough pictures! I'm missing some wonderful smiles! visits! time spent together:(

Thursday, June 21, 2007

I'm Not That Way Anymore (PT 2)

Springtime brought sunshine, birds singing, fruit on the trees out back, but still, for me, no new lease on life. It did bring a few feathered friends I will never forget. Two parrots, (escapee’s I’m sure.)
I heard strange bird noises one day and wheeled on out there to see what the ruckus was about. Beyond our patio and in the fig tree were two beautiful green parrots chatting away in mumbling monotone voices. Now you may ask why are these birds significant to this? Because it was those birds that motivated me to venture even further out of the house/chair/isolation. At least three times a day I went out to feed them from a far. They wouldnt let me near, but would eat what I left for them. If I hadnt hurried to do this, they would leave and find food elsewhere. They needed me, so I had to move my .... legs. Oh wait, maybe it was me who needed them:). Now have you pondered about how my physical therapy came not from doctors and machines, but from fabric and feathers?
I became stronger as the months rolled past. By fall my birds had left me and I was up and walking and asking anyone with a voice how to make a quilt. I feel like such a goof now for doing what I did. Some clerk at a fabric shop told me that I needed a 10 ounce poly batt, and to tie the quilt. This required much wrestling. And as a gluten for punishment, I even embroidered the binding!!! What was THAT about?????

Good thing I’m getting in shape now eh? Being the sponge that I was I soaked up all that I could after that. I joined classes and followed women around quilt shops eves dropping. I heard many of them talking about get togethers at guild night. ( WTF is a guild night?) So I made up a Stitch & Bitch night of my very own. ( actually I think it was Heather who made it up) By now I had made enough progress walking for my Walt, that I owned a nice sewing machine, a class travel machine, 2 of my Moms machines, all the tools I could gather, a growing stash of fabric, oh yes! And a puppy. Fannie Ann, the Pug extrodinaire.
I called my girls over on Wednesday evening.Betty Anne and Heather being the first. Who knew then that the stitch & Bitch night would continue for many years to come. Some weeks 3 of us, and some as many as 10! With each passing Wednesday came new ideas. I loved solving all the worlds’ problems over humming machines, coffee, music and laughter. I began to form Thimblina in my mind. My business plan was drafted alone, as I was afraid to say that I was going to be a quilter someday. Afraid to admit that my past career was just that, past. It wasn’t until my doctor finally said it to me himself. “Your body won’t let you go back.” I was not a candidate for back surgery, but knee replacement was a must. While dealing with even more physical therapy I plotted a course for a new life. I decided to trade the heels in for sneakers and the power lunches became trips to Barnes and Noble to fill my head with more stuff for the business plan. I saw ads for Gammill quilting machines and I was quite impressed with its capabilities. In further research I found that this would be a wonderful job for me because with this back injury, I could stand alot easier than I could sit! I added it to the clipboard. Because I have a clipboard for everything. (learned behavior) ( or is that baggage? I'm not sure)
In the meantime, while recuperating from the knee surgery, I had developed yet another issue. Good gravy you say.... yep yep yep... I am deathly afraid of stairs. (who woulda thunk?)
I was afraid of being afraid for Pete's sake! I could no more go up a flight of stairs than I could roller-skating. They called this one post traumatic disorder. PPfftt.. I received a wonderful Christmas gift from Walt after the surgery. A helper, a friend, and yes, another vessel in which to gain strength. Sir Rudy the Parrot. (His namesake Sir Rudy Giuliani) You guys saw Castaway with Tom Hanks eh? Remember the volleyball? Wilson? Need I say more? Geez I love him.
By spring of 2002 I feel some sanity being restored due to quilting heavily. ( notice I didn’t say drinking heavily). My inner strength was coming back, and I think I was actually, genuinely pissed at the whole idea of being shall we say... challenged? I was determined now to walk, sew, run (to the nearest retreat) and make my own Thimblina, and maybe, I’ll have stairs! The following year proved to be difficult, but rewarding. I finished the business plan, I concurred the trembles and sweats of the big bad stairs, I was released by my team of doctors. (the physical ones, not the shrinks) ( I saw you smile), and my hubby built studio #1, Thimblina’s first home. It was so grand with wall to wall windows and lit up like a Christmas tree! You should have seen the happy faces on all the stitch n bitchers now!!! We were dancing and singing and sewing! The last bribe came in that year too....Walt whispered one evening after enjoying all of us enjoying ourselves.... “Gina, if you make the decision to commit to Thimblina, we will get the Gammill”. I think the man loves me, what ya think?
I made a trip to Montreal and confided in my dear friend Blima of my plans. She is an honorary S & B member cause when she is here she cooks for us while we sew for her!( I wish it was every week) While in Montreal she took me to a quaint little quilt shop there and I told her that THIS shop, I have seen before. In my minds eye. It was quite the epiphany. We also have another friend in Niagara On the lake who would become my Sensi, my quilting mentor. I knew that this was my new future. I’m a quilter. I am a machine quilter now! My classes turned into super sized classes! Seattle! Canada! California! Kansas! Gone were the piecer days, and a new fear was born! How do I do this? More importantly, How do I do this as well as I did my former career? NO! Better because it bears my name!
Fast forward four years, cause I know you are either getting bored or gotta go potty one... I PPP therefore I am. I learn on a daily basis. Doing well, getting better at it everyday, and in many techniques, pretty darn good if I must say so myself! Thank you teachers) Still in the red, but happy and about to launch Phase 2 of my plan, storefront property:) Phase 3 wont be far behind now will it? I love my quilting community, customers, and colleagues. Time did close yesterday’s door, and opened a picture window of sunshine complete with perfumed blossoms just waiting to pop open!
Now... if I could just lose weight, do ya think I could be bribed? How about a second machine? ::big Snickers:: ( yes, hubby loves the Biz too, as he has his eye on a computerized machine:)
BTW I must tell you that only one quilt top remains hanging from those days. In the back of my mind I wonder if I keep it here just to preserve history, or keep me humble...or Because I see the error of my piecer ways?...Not sure... It is the one for the grand daughter I hadnt had yet.. I have one now... somebody make me go quilt it k? Mom? LOL! Mom has one too, but I cant find a picture of hers.. (still checking)
This one is my Grandson's...........I swear I embroidered on anything that would hold still! Hence the tagline, A Stitch In Time, Saves My Mind!

I'm Not That Way Anymore (PT 1)

I'm not that way anymore. Time closes yesterday's door. I'm much more happy, than I was before, and I'm not that way anymore.

Life, as I knew it, ceased to exist on December 16, 1998. a 40 year young re vitalized woman at the peak of my career as a Food and Beverage Director of a chain Hotel. Mother of four nearly grown children, a daily power walker, or was that a size 6 junior Rambo? Power lunches in heels by day, a soccer mom by afternoon, and a social butterfly by night! I was fascinated by the future of every waking day, and I didn’t know that I was unhappy.

Nothing unusual about the day. I spent the early morning dressing myself and yelling down the hall for the boys not to be late for school. They, like their Mother are NOT morning people. As I arrived at work, I had found that my maintenance crew had not yet hung the little twinkly lights for Christmas down the banisters of the hotel lobby stairs. When I confronted the lead man, David, he acted sheepishly as he told me that he didn’t know how to hang the lights, as he had never done so. Now David is a friendly Hispanic man in his thirties. Good looking, with a childlike half smile worn 24/7. I can’t take credit for hiring him, but I sure would have! We marched up the stairs together boxes in hands and I informed him that it was ever so easy, all he has to do is sing, and creativity will come to him from his spirit. (and I’ll just point) I taught him the words to “Wait a little longer please Jesus”, not exactly Christmasy, but the beat got him motivated eh? He laughed and told me that I was nuts. ( I didn’t know this?) I remember very few things from that point on. David's smiling face vividly, and his laugh too. We had only wrapped a few banisters when I recall standing away a bit to admire our beautiful vines. The next few days I can only recall what I have been told. That I fell at that moment, from the top of the staircase. Some say I was bumping a few posts along the way. Others say I was continually landing on my hips from side to side. I do remember screaming David's name for help. I was told that the paramedics sliced open my velvet slacks and that modesty was indeed compromised. Oh how I recall being embarrassed. My cheeks are hot now just thinking about it! I was also told that I fought with said medics about the administration of morphine. They won.

Many of the hotel staff came to see me in the hospital. All of them looking quite sad. My two youngest boys, very afraid little faces. (13, 16 at the time) Even my ex husband seemed grief stricken, and I saw fear on his face. I think that my parents and sister were in denial, as was my daughter. Walt, my fiancé at the time, strong and steadfast, never left my side; not for a moment. I had fractured my back in two places, and although not known at first, also my left knee had been shattered. To be honest, I have to tell you that I thought I was Christopher Reeves at the time. I felt no hope, and guilty for wanting to have a happy life of my very own. Very few times in my life have I ever questioned my faith, and THIS was surely one of them. Afterall, I was writing my first novel! ( some of you know about "journey") I had a hotel to run! My family needs me! WHY was this happening to me? Why am I being punished? All questions he refused to answer. In hindsight, of course, the answers were right there in front of me. Direction needed changing, again.

I spent the following months in either a wheel chair, or a recliner. My daughter pulled off Christmas Eve as if it were hosted by myself. I was in and out of Physical therapy, and I loathed every painful minute of it. A very lost puppy was I. I had many visitors during those first few months. They all looked at me as if I were an alien. Sympathy and disbelief in their eyes. Everyone but my Mom. During one of my pity parties she slapped me with her tone of voice. A voice I heard only when I was in trouble as a child. it always began with.... Regina Ruth Terranova! She told me that God had not forsaken me, that I had given up on myself. She said that it wasn’t acceptable. After a tongue lashing never to be forgotten, Mom appeared with several blocks of white muslin with printed designs on them, an assortment of needles, a hoop, and a beautiful basket of embroidery thread. She told me that I was going to make a quilt. Now, having been a tailor all of her life, and taught me to make clothes as well, I had NEVER known her to make a quilt. In fact, I don’t think she knew what a quilt was. She was trying to help save her daughters mind. She did indeed succeed at that.

She taught me how to make a French knot, a lazy dazey, back stitch, and a few others. Enough to get me on my way. She made my favorite coffee treats, folded laundry, helped me bathe, and then she was gone. The boys were pretty self sufficient, and even helpful to me. Walt should have been anointed for sainthood as he cared for his home, my home, and me. He actually found something that made me tick, and ran with it. Incentive to walk, to run, to thrive once again. He said little things to me like, “Gina, if you walk to the end of the hall today with your PT, I’ll get you a puppy to keep you company.” Gina, If you stand for a few minutes over there, I’ll bring you more fabrics to stitch on”. Now of course you are thinking WHAT A BABY!. yep, I am. sorry, cats out of the bag now. I dont handle pain, and I can be bribed.

I stitched for days, weeks! I piled up those blocks and they were beautiful! I spent hours fondling the stitching, admiring the graceful beauty of simplicity. I daydreamed of a grand daughter that someday I would have, and could give these to. But...what the hell do I do with them now? Do I just keep making more? I had no clue. I knew one thing, I wanted to walk to a fabric store to get more of this good medicine.

Stay tuned for part two..........

Monday, June 18, 2007

Wine Thirty Birdy Just For Me!!

Hey! I got one too!!! I told ya!! My friend Carla over at Featherd Fibers is so cool! When this is framed and hung in the Studio it will truly be home eh? Those of you who know me well I'm sure are JUST as tickled as I am. How perfect is this? This gives a whole new meaning to Thuper Chicken for Rudy ! Thank you Carla, I will cherish forever:)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Daily Tickle

Happy Fathers Day! I wanted to share with you one of my daily tickles! You really must add this to your morning coffee clicks! Feathered Fibers... A talented artist is she!! I'm on my way over to see if theres a new Wine 30 Birdy just for me! OK, its probobly a Fathers Day bird... who knows?? C'mon! lets go see!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Certified Someone (pics removed)

"One thing life has taught me:if you are interested, you never have to look for new interests. They come to you.When you are genuinely interested in one thing, it will always lead to something else."
Eleanor Roosevelt

clic to enlarge: Not yet framed so as not to crinkle, they are pinned to my tool quilt:)
While waiting for all of my MQS transfers, I thought I'd share just exactly how certified I am:)
(I see your eyes rolling)
Walt took this picture of my new certificates from a few of my teachers at MQS. He was standing over there just tickled with himself. I asked him what was so funny about my continued education. His reply... priceless! He said.. "I just wanted a picture of these since they cost me about a thousand bucks a pop... pretty penny for paper Babe, but I love ya." Of course you know he got smacked right?Shall I remind him of the cost of his AA, BA, MBA?? huhuhuhuh? He loves the samples I returned with,quite impressed(as was my Sensi`) and knows that I've worked hard for those pretty papers I need one from my Sensi` Sandercock, as she has the most time invested in me eh? Also, Jamie Wallen, and a host of other teachers I've yet to collect certs from! Someday, I'll blog about how this journey began in 1998. For today, I will show you the certificate that is the most valuable in this studio. TGIF!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Desitin Woes

OK, I have YET to get my laptop to co operate with my desktop, so I cant bring forth new MQS news:( (shooting computers in my head) So... I shall blog about most important things in life!

Mini Me!! Ahuh, How do you like her in trouble at 2 years old? Now listen... she sees her Mommy putting on cream right? She even knows that THIS cream feels good on her bottom, so why not put some all over? And where WAS her Mommy anyway while all this is going on? I suspect either visiting with a gal pal, on the phone, or on the computer with me! I am STILL laughing my cheeks off everytime I look over at this picture. Poor Poor Avi... Nature~vs~ Nurture... hmmmmmm. I hope I'm always around to give her a soft landing for the bumps she's going to hit... look out Karen:)

The wonderful thing about being a grandparent is that we can see the hilarity in this kind of trouble and as parents, we couldnt? When my daughter sent this picture she was in hysterics and not in a good way? I remember all too vividly my kids insighting the same stress in me. Now its so funny... lol Well, its even funny, that its funny! To my darling daughter I say, chill out, to MM, you moisturize up baby girl! To all you blogger buddies...enjoy:) To me, you lucky Nonni.......lolol

PS: Ya gotta know this is PERFECT for me eh? Heather, thank you, I'm waiting for Karen to send me a pic of her IN IT!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Home and Happy

I am nearly speechless through typing! Full to the brim, where in the world do I begin? Thankful to the powers at be who bring MQS shows and the like to us for inspiration, and thankful to all the support systems that actually GET ME THERE too.
Just being with my colleagues and friends alone will carry me happily to the next time we meet! I feel energized for the following year. Filled with inspiration and in awe of some of my colleagues work, and ready to fire this studio up! (Gonna quilt like a ROCKSTAR, Nic Webb speak) Congratulations to all the winners at the show, and I wish to tell you that you are the FIRST line of this network of ours, and I wholeheartedly thank you for sharing with me.
I feel like repeating myself there.. Thank you quilters!!
I had the perfect blend of fun and work!!! (This is the secret! Irena Blumn speak) I had so many lightbulb moments that I am exuding confidence! I highly recommend to EVERYONE to Run dont walk to a tradeshow of your field!! Playing with pals in either the hot tub or the classroom was a combination I'll repeat again and again! ( u wouldnt believe the work that gets done in a hot tub with your teachers!!! Cathy Franks speak)
I have lotsa pictures and stories to share but right now I'm busy organizing and settling in on the homefront. Everyone is fine, but in desperate need of nurturing:) I shall return to fill ALL YALL in! ( Linda Taylor talk) LOL

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

MQS= Shoes are always the best shopping!

Now of course you knew I'd find time to shoe shop right? Of course right! My Sensi and I had a few hours in between classes so off to MAcy's we went! I think that I have corrupted the lil CAnadian friend of mine... she's becomming a shoe fiend too?? RUT ROOOOOO

Yes of course thats Jane below bowing to my great teacherness....LOL

HAving a ton of fun meeting, greeting, learning and yes... SHOPPING!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

MQS Class Day 1

I cant tell you how inspiring it is to take a class, pic someones brain, get new ideas, and just mingle with good people who do what I do.

I'm sucking up every minute that I can here, and very gratful to be doing so! This pic is from my new handy dandy digital pen doodle pen:) I LOVE IT! ( and so do all my
This tool is proving to be an ESSENTIAL tool indeed. Thank you Mufasa:)
I am meeting quilters that I speak to on a weekly if not daily basis. Its amazing to be alive in this great tech era huh?
I'm off to class, just wanted to burst a bit with excitement! I'm having a wonderful time, now that my luggage appeared. ( another blog eh)

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Kansas City here I come! (singing!)

I'm offcially outa here! Today I have ................

Filled the house with groceries, made a pot of 15 Bean Zoupa for the sicky, with cornbread, a tri tip, some cookies, and an assortment of his favorite deli meats n cheeses.. and his comfort food for when he misses me (and he will) Tomato soup and ritz. CHECK

Successfully loaded new software and old for the laptop to schlep with me, (I can feel the shoulder pain already) CHECK

Caught up on as many quilts as I possibly can. (save 6, and a tee shirt quilt, and the infamous Dresden) CHECK

Prepared foods for Rudy and Ginger. Gave Rudy the old "Be nice to your sister while I'm gone" speech. Left care notes all over the house ( thank u 3M for my stickies) CHECK

It is now time for me... phew... I'm going to go pack, unpack, repack, and then run to marshalls for a new suitcase, come home, unpack and repack again. ( cause this is my M. O.) I never got any red shoes, so Ginger and I may venture out for just that! Oh yeh, and then Mop the Rudy floor...grunt. my Mama!

I'll check in when I can.. I'm VERY excited about MQS, classes and colleagues, and my Sensi:)


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