Wednesday, June 6, 2007

MQS= Shoes are always the best shopping!

Now of course you knew I'd find time to shoe shop right? Of course right! My Sensi and I had a few hours in between classes so off to MAcy's we went! I think that I have corrupted the lil CAnadian friend of mine... she's becomming a shoe fiend too?? RUT ROOOOOO

Yes of course thats Jane below bowing to my great teacherness....LOL

HAving a ton of fun meeting, greeting, learning and yes... SHOPPING!


Barb said...

Nice....can see you shoe shopping your little hearts out.

Anonymous said...

Hey!!! save a shoe shopping day for July too.
Im so glad your having a great time, and learning too, woohoo!
and to think, you were so ready to cancel, can I slap you for that?
Jane, you look fabulous, but get the hell up woman, we dont want G walking with a swollen head, I mean she is good but....come on get up!
enjoy! Love you, B.

The Sarah Bear said...

LOL! Ok, so that is a BEFORE picture - before you leave that joint I want another shoe alley picture cause my guess is the stack will double... and do we need a before picture of your PURSE pile too?

Sheesh woman - I think an intervention is in order :)

Bring me sumpin'

Anonymous said...

an intervention for shopping? I think Not. lolol.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gina,
Miss you guys already. It was so much fun to meet you. Can't wait till next time, whenever or where ever that will be.

DearGina said...


I miss u already too:(

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