Monday, June 18, 2007

Wine Thirty Birdy Just For Me!!

Hey! I got one too!!! I told ya!! My friend Carla over at Featherd Fibers is so cool! When this is framed and hung in the Studio it will truly be home eh? Those of you who know me well I'm sure are JUST as tickled as I am. How perfect is this? This gives a whole new meaning to Thuper Chicken for Rudy ! Thank you Carla, I will cherish forever:)


The Sarah Bear said...

That should be made into a tile and put in your kitchen window - that is sooooooo you cute :)

Does she have chicken that is chasing after a baby chicken? LOL

DearGina said...

Isnt it just perfect? She is sending a large one for me to print and frame.. I'll take it to my Starving Artist lady here and she can work some magic for me. Right now its on my desktop so I can laugh a few times a day while I work! LOL

Carla Barrett said...

Hi Gina, pleased to see you are enjoying your wino chicken!! LOL

Sarah Bear, I actually have a sketch in my journal of my chicken with a bunch of little chickens out of control, swinging from the light fixture, etc. I've always loved the quote, "If the kids are alive at 5, I've done my job." regards, Carla

Anonymous said...

LOLOL Perfect for you Gina,
I dont know Carla but I think we would be great friends. :)
see you soon pal,

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