Thursday, June 28, 2007

Around the Water Cooler

Sorry, I can't take it! ( as my Avi would say) I don't normally discuss such controversial matters but COME ON ROSIE !!! I have pondered this since last evening when I saw it on the news. Just when I think she cannot disgust me any further....voila` Rosie has her poor lil 4 year old daughters picture plastered everywhere and calls it ART?
Does she mean Anti War Art? Does she mean trick or treat Art? Thought provoking art? Ok, lets run with that one shall we?
THOUGHT: How does this measure up to dangling ones child out the window of a high rise building?
THOUGHT: How can one use their child as a forum for political regurgitation?
THOUGHT: Is it any wonder that our young adults are being De sensitized to the killing of a human life?
THOUGHT: Will her daughter grow up and join someones Army as a result of playing war games as a child? Who's army? Kill big bad Americans?
Many many thoughts have been provoked here today. And man I have some really clean counter tops too! (scrub, snarl, scrub)


Anonymous said...

what a beautiful little girl, to bad she has a fritcake for a parent. I never liked her, loud, rude, big mouth has to have the last word and many times her words dont make any sense.


Sharon said...

Thank God I don't watch her. I'd just have to go down there and smack her. Is she related to Michael?? That poor child looks anorexic!

Vicki W said...

She's a total nut - I feel sorry for her kids. Can you imagine having to listen to her crap every night at dinner? Wine-30 would start REALLY EARLY at that house!

DearGina said...

Yeah, I agree... Poor baby. I finally got over it and shut the news channel I need the Iphone so I can do some audio books while I work:)

Cheryl L said...

This picture just infuriated me when I first saw it. Rosie is a total NUT JOB! I quit watching the View when all you could hear was her BIG MOUTH talking above and over everyone else who had an opinion that differed from hers. The fact that she would use her own child in a photo like this and then try to convince us that it's "Art" shows just how insane she really is. I consider her to be one of the most brash, offensive, radical people I've ever seen. Unfortunately, she commands an audience.

Now I feel better and I've calmed down---I think I'll go pray for her!!

Lynn Douglass said...

Nut job is right! She needs to be gagged, then her butt needs to be kicked! She'll end up making her kids even worse nut jobs than she is! Sad, sad, sad.

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