Monday, June 11, 2007

Home and Happy

I am nearly speechless through typing! Full to the brim, where in the world do I begin? Thankful to the powers at be who bring MQS shows and the like to us for inspiration, and thankful to all the support systems that actually GET ME THERE too.
Just being with my colleagues and friends alone will carry me happily to the next time we meet! I feel energized for the following year. Filled with inspiration and in awe of some of my colleagues work, and ready to fire this studio up! (Gonna quilt like a ROCKSTAR, Nic Webb speak) Congratulations to all the winners at the show, and I wish to tell you that you are the FIRST line of this network of ours, and I wholeheartedly thank you for sharing with me.
I feel like repeating myself there.. Thank you quilters!!
I had the perfect blend of fun and work!!! (This is the secret! Irena Blumn speak) I had so many lightbulb moments that I am exuding confidence! I highly recommend to EVERYONE to Run dont walk to a tradeshow of your field!! Playing with pals in either the hot tub or the classroom was a combination I'll repeat again and again! ( u wouldnt believe the work that gets done in a hot tub with your teachers!!! Cathy Franks speak)
I have lotsa pictures and stories to share but right now I'm busy organizing and settling in on the homefront. Everyone is fine, but in desperate need of nurturing:) I shall return to fill ALL YALL in! ( Linda Taylor talk) LOL


Sharon said...

Glad to hear everyone had come up and show me what you learned!!

DearGina said...

I'm on it!

Anonymous said...

lets see some fancy needle works :)
get working pal, im coming in 4 weeks.

DearGina said...

YIPPEE!! My Blima's comin!

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