Sunday, June 17, 2007

Daily Tickle

Happy Fathers Day! I wanted to share with you one of my daily tickles! You really must add this to your morning coffee clicks! Feathered Fibers... A talented artist is she!! I'm on my way over to see if theres a new Wine 30 Birdy just for me! OK, its probobly a Fathers Day bird... who knows?? C'mon! lets go see!


Dianah said...


I am going to miss you this trip to Stockton. I am leaving for Austin, Texas on the 20th. I get to go shopping with my friend Nathan for a whole week! I am hoping to update my blog before I leave.

I did have a fabric crisis last week that has been resolved.


DearGina said...

::PERK:: fabric crisis? What kind? How?
Sorry I wont see you next week... You need to get those quilts to me soon woman:)
Have fun in TX, oh! And stay dry too!

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