Monday, June 25, 2007

MQS Memories

MQS Memories

I learned many things this week, so many that they really come to me in spurts! If its a new technique that comes to mind, I hurry over and flip through all of my notes. If its a person that I cannot remember their name but remember their smile, I dash to the computer and study the beautiful faces. I learned that Canada has wine in single serving boxes?

I learned that my Sensi will be missed until we meet again next year at MQX.
Also, that Sharon will hold onto me if it appears that I have fallen to the floor?
I learned that in Kansas you may be blown half way out the hotel doors. Geez I love California.
That one must always have an extra set of clothes in a carry on for when their luggage is hijacked to Utah.

I learned that 6 weeks without seeing Aviana is way too long.
I learned that I too can quilt like a superstar! Just ask me! LMAO!!
Also that my doodle pen gets the award for pen of the year! ( lil fetish, please excuse)
I learned that Hot Tubs provide much more than a relaxing soak.
That when the Moms away the animals will tease each other unmercifully.
That when ya find that drop dead gorgeous Brighton bag you love, BUY IT! That Lime really IS the new Prozac!

Only regret? I didnt get enough pictures! I'm missing some wonderful smiles! visits! time spent together:(


Suzanne Earley said...

I just had to laugh about your Brighton bag comment. I fell in love with one last week, but couldn't justify the price....I got very surprised, though, by someone, but I'm not saying anymore yet...LOL......

DearGina said...

Woohoo! Congrats to you!
I just love them and get so ticked about the pricyness...grrrrr There is consolation however.... they last several years so when u revisit your closet in a year or so, there it is thrilling you again!

Sharon Dixon said...

Gina, I'm so glad to see the MQS went by way too fast and it's nice to be reminded of how much fun we had. It was so great to finally meet you in person.

DearGina said...

Enjoyed your company as well Sharon, and hopefully there are more pictures to come when I get my laptop to co co-operate:)

Anonymous said...

Gina Wasn't that Brighton store the best. I paid too much for a new wallet. No regrets though!

Anonymous said...

Im so glad you had a wonderful time, remember a week before ?

Sharon said...

I am totally green with envy that you all had so much fun!

Carla B said...

Consider your self tagged this morning, Dear Gina.

Btw, you did buy the bag, I hope? LOL

DearGina said...

Yes Blima, I'm glad I didnt listen to it was all worth it!

Marnie, glad you bought the wallet.. I need a new one ::whine::

Carla, tagged huh... =spill more guts I

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