Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Valley Trip

Many of you heard the tale of Mom adopting Lucy poodle #1 didn't ya? As hard as that was, to let Lucy go after 6 months of bonding, training, loving, I made the right decision. She and Lucy go together like peas ~n~ carrots. During the last year I pined away for her a time or two but knew that I had made Mom happy and less lonesome. She has Dad , of course, but I think these days he is more of a pita than a pal. Lucy has filled the void. To tell the truth, I feel that I have been rewarded with Ginger who is really matched better to my personality. Lucy being the demure lil thing that she is, fits Moms lifestyle best. Ginger gives me a run for my money with her sassy ways. I must stay one step ahead of her in order to outsmart her! She is the challenge that I need. So pondering this... maybe it was all meant to be that I raise Lucy for Ma huh? It could be?

I just travelled over 900 miles in 3 days. There. I had to vent that. JEEZ I had my drive on again! I'm not complaining mind you. I picked up nine jobs, delivered five. I saw my kids and grand kids, kisses and more kisses. I turned over the rental home to re-rent July 1. I had coffee with my pal Heather. We solved maybe 3 or 4 problems of the world is all. I picked up my Mom and spent a wonderful day with my sis and family. I filled out paperwork for my Dad, and checked out all of his Owies. All in all, even missing work here, it was a good trip. Fast, but good.

Ginger and Lucy met and played in the pool with me. They really didn't like it too much, however Ginger did go in later by herself with no coaxing. ( she loves water) In the picture she is up top doing the doggie paddle while Lucy makes a Beeline for the steps!
Ginger also met a neighborhood Poodle named Noodle. Noodle was an obnoxious toy boy and Ginger promptly put him in his place. Good dog.
I mustn't give the impression that my ginny is a prissy poo.. quite the opposite in fact. She is a dog. She buries her toys when I'm not looking, and jumps in the sprinklers just to mess up our nice hair do! This of course resulted in her nail polish being screwed up too. GRUNT.
btw, that chain hanging isn't attached to her, that just wouldn't

And last but not least I wanted to show you that she has allergies to the valley. Yep yep yep... crying eyes we have.... she began on our way down, and wasnt until today that it has cleared up! I understand, I have allergic reactions there too. You may take that any way you want to:)
So with her dirt filled face, nails and do gone, we are home and back to work. She and I both feel a bit better having seen the FAM for awhile. That should hold us til next month. We have friends coming in from Montreal this month, so we will go back to the groomer to freshen up for Auntie Blima:)


Sharon said...

How cute!!! Now....get back to work!!

Anonymous said...

How much fun did you really have :)
I cant wait to meet Miss Ginger.
A few treats, hugs and kisses begins :))

Love you, B.

Carla B said...

You are a brave woman to post a swimming picture!! LOL Love your dog pics and your sister's pool is very nice (it is your sister's right??)

DearGina said...

I took the nestea plunge upon arrival that day! It was 95 degrees and my hormonal body is accustomed to 65!! LOL
Yes, Its Kellys pool in Auburn. Very very nice, refreshing and I just love the whole nature look with waterfalls and rocks.
Chat soon,

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