Tuesday, June 5, 2007

MQS Class Day 1

I cant tell you how inspiring it is to take a class, pic someones brain, get new ideas, and just mingle with good people who do what I do.

I'm sucking up every minute that I can here, and very gratful to be doing so! This pic is from my new handy dandy digital pen doodle pen:) I LOVE IT! ( and so do all my colleauges...lol)
This tool is proving to be an ESSENTIAL tool indeed. Thank you Mufasa:)
I am meeting quilters that I speak to on a weekly if not daily basis. Its amazing to be alive in this great tech era huh?
I'm off to class, just wanted to burst a bit with excitement! I'm having a wonderful time, now that my luggage appeared. ( another blog eh)


Anonymous said...

I am not loving the spermy looking things.
Can we do a Geo design :))


Carla said...

Show more doodles now that you have the new toy!! What classes did you take??

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