Saturday, June 30, 2007


Now you know........ I just wake up groggy shuffling through the house. I routinely feed the pets, find a juicy pen and a cool pad to write on for the day. I dribble coffee like an idiot onto it every day too. I find my tablet from the previous day and look to see if there are any carry overs. There always are, and I always grunt at it as if it were real and could hear me.I am fully aware that I am on auto-pilot for at least one hour. Please never tell me anything of any importance during this period of the day. ( my kids actually got away with murder upon learning this trick) About the second cuppa, you may speak. Unless of course I have miss placed a list. Then much like Walt losing the remote control to the tele, duck and run.

That would be today. Master list, missing in action. THE list! I yelled at poor Walt that its June 30Th I CANNOT lose the master list as our friends will arrive in 12 days! I cannot spend 3 days of the 12 looking for the damn thing either! THIS is the itinerary! THIS is the TO DO before arrival list! THIS LIST TRUMPS ALL OTHER 3M Lists in the house! He decided to lay low and iron his own shirt while I frantically tore the kitchen apart. Funny, I never iron that fast, and btw, he sure left the house fast too? Did he tell me that he loved me? I cant remember now.. anyway, I digress. I personally don't think people give enough credit to listing or clipboarding as my friends call it. If you have ever called yourself absent minded, you need one. If you ever suspected even one gene of ADHD in your body, ya need one. If you are a multitasker, ya need one.If you are anywhere near menopause you need one.

I'm now late for my own schedule, the phone is already in full swing, I have no time to blog let alone answer emails.The Gardner wants my attention, and why the hell I never learned enough Spanish to speak as fast as HE does is beyond me! The water softener guy is here with salt on his shoulder, apparently, he was on that list?

I found yesterdays list, I found my prayer lists, I found a summary list of bills for the month, I even found a grocery list that fell off the fridge. But I couldn't find my Blima list! I decided to calm down, make more coffee and get to work. To hell with everything, just get to work. I unloaded the quilt from last night and flipped it onto the cutting table for trimming. I got sidetracked when I saw pretty lime fabric I was auditioning for binding and decided to cut that up. While I was at it, I may as well make a bunch more too. I daydreamed for a lil bit cause I sure love petting fabric, especially lime Now that my cutting table is full of fabrics, I cannot trim the last quilt. GRUNT. So I took the dog for a walk. Its now noon, and I realize I'm in big trouble without my lists. Walt phoned to ask to meet for lunch. ( he is feeling safe now eh?) Off we go to lunch. Not terrible, one hour or so, then I stop to pick up meds at the pharmacy. WHY do they put in a Marshall's right next to a pharmacy? Why I ask you? Yes, of course I went in and came out with a beautiful, I mean beautiful chocolate pinwale corduroy fall skort, DKNY size 3 toddler for Aviana.... THAT was certainly not on any list.
I arrive home and pick up a few things,(mostly Ginger toys) consider dinner. Chit... nothing out of freezer. Wonder what was on the list? ( I think it was steaks?)
Glancing at the clock, its 3:00 Pm, NOTHING done yet... Do you see why I need lists now? Do you see a scheduling issue happening? Do I need classes on scheduling my time? Can I ask for more hours in my day? I saw a site once about that very thing.. guess what? She woke up all chipper at 5:00 am. Not happening. Why is it that now that I'm older I can do but half the things at once that I used to do in half the time? Pondering this.
I'm not happy with unproductive days. I like to sit on the patio late in the evening with a last cuppa coffee and relish in the days accomplishments. Its a highlight for me. I wish to see a clean kitchen, at least one quilt ready to go home and be loved, a list with alot of red hash marks on it, a well fed family relaxing from a productive day!
4 PM, trying not to panic and realizing that its nearly wine 30, and I haven't earned it. Do I start a frozen dinner, call for a pizza, or go to work? So I check email! Sharon catches me on yahoo IM and I could see her wagging her finger at me for not getting things done that I griped about the day before. OK. good. get to work, list will turn up. (Lord please don't let Walt come home early today, cause ya know how he distracts me) I turned the music up loud, poured a glass of vino, began unpiling the cutting table, trimmed yesterdays quilt, hung and checked in new ones, Set aside all bindings for pressing. I can once again see the measurements on the table! AND........THE LIST.
Now you see, if I had of gone to work first thing this morning, I would have had it in my hot little hand right?
<---dork alert.
I felt so relieved. I read the list of to do's passing all confirmations and itineraries... just to see if I did ANYTHING right today. yep.. I GOT ONE RED HASH MARK I CAN MAKE!!! I bought DIET COKE WOOHOO! (I'm really quite upset with myself, but I''ll take it!)
7 PM, Pizza delivery dude at the door. Phew, Do ya just love deliveries? I wish everything was able to be delivered. I once got Blima a tee shirt that reads.... I WANT IT ALL AND I WANT IT DELIVERED... so perfect.
Mufasa comes in and I can see he is "throwing his hat in first". I tell him that its alright, I found it, but I'm burning the midnight oil AGAIN. He laughed and asked what he could do to help. I said sure, cross some things off of Saturday's list for me. He read it, and promptly headed for the recliner. GRUNT.
12:00 am. Day is done. The kitchens clean, theres a quilt wrapped pretty over there. I need a long hot soak and a good nights sleep, and I hope that tomorrow I will find my MOJO Earlier than evening time. I'm signing off, will post this on Sunday, I'm taking my list with me, thanks.
BTW, that beautiful quilt on the clipboard I cannot take credit for.. and I have forgotten who can? I love pretty paper you know, so sometimes I print off a quilt and use it for list making. I think subliminally the patterns get in my head and come out on fabrics when least expected! (cool huh?)
LYG. Gina


Anonymous said...

Howling....I can Picture the entire day, Gina...You are hysterical with your lists, but I do understand, and Phew....Diet Coke is in the House :)


Judy Whitehead said...

Gina, I am so glad you found your list!!!!!!!!!!!

Now do you think you could help me find my thread snips? I had them when I turned this quilt to do the borders. Then I got hungry and went to make breakfast and now they're gone!!!!!! They've hidden themselves somewhere in the house..........frantic search begins!!!!!!!!! LOL

The Sarah Bear said...

I ADORE YOU! Your life is so damn hysterical! I wish I could have been there, on your porch, sippin' a cuppa, just watching the episode play out! Rudy has the best seat!

Lovin' ya,

DearGina said...

Blim... I'M ON IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JUdy, Amazing how those lil buggers can disapear huh?

Heather, Rudy just sits there and laughs or calls me a dumbass. grrrr

Sharon said...

Rudy is right you know girlfriend!!! And what would you do without the daily kick in the butt from me????

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