Saturday, June 2, 2007

Kansas City here I come! (singing!)

I'm offcially outa here! Today I have ................

Filled the house with groceries, made a pot of 15 Bean Zoupa for the sicky, with cornbread, a tri tip, some cookies, and an assortment of his favorite deli meats n cheeses.. and his comfort food for when he misses me (and he will) Tomato soup and ritz. CHECK

Successfully loaded new software and old for the laptop to schlep with me, (I can feel the shoulder pain already) CHECK

Caught up on as many quilts as I possibly can. (save 6, and a tee shirt quilt, and the infamous Dresden) CHECK

Prepared foods for Rudy and Ginger. Gave Rudy the old "Be nice to your sister while I'm gone" speech. Left care notes all over the house ( thank u 3M for my stickies) CHECK

It is now time for me... phew... I'm going to go pack, unpack, repack, and then run to marshalls for a new suitcase, come home, unpack and repack again. ( cause this is my M. O.) I never got any red shoes, so Ginger and I may venture out for just that! Oh yeh, and then Mop the Rudy floor...grunt. my Mama!

I'll check in when I can.. I'm VERY excited about MQS, classes and colleagues, and my Sensi:)



Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful week, enjoy and learn alot :)
Love you, B.

Anonymous said...

ahem..... and me right?!!! grumble grumble.. feeling neglected... grunt... - feels like a number...

Anonymous said...

great, I knew I was forgetting something! I need to call anonomous!!! CHIT

Anonymous said...

Oh sure.. I've already made the cabana boy break out the patron and serve me poolside... grump grump.... - sunspot baby

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