Thursday, June 14, 2007

Desitin Woes

OK, I have YET to get my laptop to co operate with my desktop, so I cant bring forth new MQS news:( (shooting computers in my head) So... I shall blog about most important things in life!

Mini Me!! Ahuh, How do you like her in trouble at 2 years old? Now listen... she sees her Mommy putting on cream right? She even knows that THIS cream feels good on her bottom, so why not put some all over? And where WAS her Mommy anyway while all this is going on? I suspect either visiting with a gal pal, on the phone, or on the computer with me! I am STILL laughing my cheeks off everytime I look over at this picture. Poor Poor Avi... Nature~vs~ Nurture... hmmmmmm. I hope I'm always around to give her a soft landing for the bumps she's going to hit... look out Karen:)

The wonderful thing about being a grandparent is that we can see the hilarity in this kind of trouble and as parents, we couldnt? When my daughter sent this picture she was in hysterics and not in a good way? I remember all too vividly my kids insighting the same stress in me. Now its so funny... lol Well, its even funny, that its funny! To my darling daughter I say, chill out, to MM, you moisturize up baby girl! To all you blogger buddies...enjoy:) To me, you lucky Nonni.......lolol

PS: Ya gotta know this is PERFECT for me eh? Heather, thank you, I'm waiting for Karen to send me a pic of her IN IT!


Carla Barrett said...

OMG!!! Would you believe I have a picture of my DD at the same age totally covered in desitin, too?? LOL

I still remember that day- even though it was 21 years ago... It was hysterical and of course I ran for my camera before I cleaned her up.

The Sarah Bear said...

YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING! That is SOOO incredibly funny! I can just imagine what Karen was feeling! LOL! First - MAD! Then... DISBELIEF... I am soooo glad she got the camera! I hope Sarah keeps it to something as harmless as Desitin too (I fear permanent markers). At the rate she is going I tend to think it will the chocolate syrup she found in the fridge... TWO SECONDS alone and she is in there licking the cap. Thanks for sharing!

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