Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tagged With Random Unknowns Of Me

"I think that somehow,
we learn who we really are
and then live with that decision."
Eleanor Roosevelt

 I think I can do that in an hour that I alot myself on here to whine to you:) Heather, I'll squeeze the other 50 in when I can OK? (even though that's way more than anyone needs to know about a person huh? LOL)
#1 I am an absolute ass in the morning. Don't bother me, animals , kids, no one, nothing, until I have coffee, pull the cobwebs out, and brush my lions mane. I'm not proud of this, try as I may I just cant seem to change it?

#2 Music has been the soothing of my soul for all of my life. My first dream (and I have had many) was to be ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR. I worked quite hard at it! As a child I sang for adults, as a teen I competed with adults, as a grown woman, I changed dreams, and sang to my children. As an Empty Nester, I sing to the pets. And through it all, I sing to my Father, and am grateful for this talent.

#3 I decided recently that my life is organized chaos, and that's okay with me. Lists help:)
#4 I love weird little things like Juicy pens, pretty paper,boxes,Gif's,photos, unique office supply. Texture is oh so fine:)
#5 Even tho all my kids were taught to be expert swimmers, their Mom JUST learned how.(I think) From the cradle I had those lil puddle jumpers paddling, it really never occurred to me to do it myself?
#6 Sometimes I miss being the Koolaid Mom, sometimes I'm glad that's done. Sweet memories.
#7 I have always kept a life's journal. At age 40, I destroyed them. I wish I hadn't. Preserving history seems of the utmost importance now. Jeez I hope I'm not going to kick the bucket anytime soon.
#8 I love cars! I would own 6 if I could! One for any mood! Lets see, T Bird or Jaguar for coastal drives with feet out the window (Wink to Blim). A nice Pick up truck with a heavy payload for those home Depot trips to get more bricks:) and when I feel sassy. My Jeep for 4 wheeling on the Dunes. Luxury car with GPS for the road trips..hmm... Lincoln Ls, Avalon, or the Jag Sedan maybe. A little Pismo Mini Cooper for the short skirts round town, and lastly an Italian Vespa Scooter, JES FER FUN. Oh Wait! And an old one to restore! Probably a 56 T bird:)
#9 <---Champagne taste on a beer budget... I think its Ma's fault, she said I should be Queen... maybe I was in another life? dang it.

#10 I love so much, and never say it enough. I never have...hmmm kinda like the swimming thing. Gotta work on that one.
#11 I so cherish mine and Walt's first date at Coit Tower in San Francisco. November 1997, we danced to Elton John's "ONE"; In the moonlight with wine in hand and Heather as my chaperon because I was such a chicken to "date". lol
#12 I secretly wish that i could write music and lyrics. I just love it.
#13 Rudy is the best pet I have EVER had, and he is the messiest too. GRUNT.
#14 I'm getting tired of cooking. I don't love it like I used to. Once in awhile I love to play, but I think I'm somewhat over it...ROFL. I would rather have it done for me. The problem is its freshest when I MAKE IT.. and thats the most important. So, I still cook.
#15 I think Gwen Stephani is a helluva business woman. What a marketor!( reminiscent of Madonna I say)
#16 When my nails look bad, I feel bad. I'm grateful for my Ma's nails.
#17 I'm afraid of family dieing, WWGD?
#18 I get pissy about people stealing my chit BEFORE I make it famous. I guess its my bad huh?
#19 I really like Michael Buble, too bad he is drunk so much of the time... IDIOT. He needs to see me about wine 30. There Are rules.
#20 I have many rules. LMAO!!
#21 As a young girl I loved to ride dirt bikes, fish, hunt and shoot guns. My Dad called me his favorite son. I really didn't like that too much, so I stopped them all as an adult.
#22 I was bucked off my sisters horse for trying to lead her into a trailer in the dark. DAP.
#23 I think hunting for sport is wrong. I just do.
#24 I hate that I wear glasses now. They bother me.
#25 I have issues about being "good enough". Doesn't matter the topic, I just want to be good enough at it. Good enough Mother, wife,grandmother, auntie, daughter, sister, friend, quilter, business woman, blogger.... you get it right? I NEED to be good enough.
#26 <--weirdo

#27 I don't like cola drinks. I like Iced tea, or water/mineral water, coffee, or wine.
#28 I met and entertained Walter Matthau for an evening. ( sp ck, memory loss due to menopause)
#29 My drivers license is due to renew and test on this year... kicking n screaming I will have to go.
#30 I hope I have gobs of money when I get older so I can get some "work" done on myself:)
#31 I REALLY hope I get the new iphone.
#32 I boil eggs when I'm stressing out.. No idea why.
#33 Unfamiliar places make me very nervous.
#34 I am always pleasantly surprised and happy to attend a function which begins with the Pledge of Allegiance.
#35 Since I have become a machine quilter, I've noticed my fabric stash dwindling, and my thread stash increasing.
#36 I absolutely love love love commercials! I know? Whoda thunk? They make me laugh, or ponder, or sigh, or sometimes cry! Remember the Pac Bell one? Now my new fav is the Caveman for Geico? How about the Levi's ad during Superbowl a few years ago? HOWLED with laughter!
#37 Speaking of... I love laughter! Belly laughs, giggles, chuckles or snickers... Its perfect medicine for me.
#38 More good medicine for me is retail therapy... so lets sum that up shall we? Shopping, sewing, and laughing... there it is! I'm healed!
#39 I am a spooner.
#40 I am sentimental, and sometimes downright sappy.. but I didn't tell you that.
#41 I don't like trash thrown about in public places, I think its rude.
#42 I like being well cared for. Whether its tending to my car, my head or my heart, I like being well cared for. And I live to return the feelings.
#43 I detest drugs and the harm that abuse brings.
#44 Not a day passes without one of my kids on my mind.
#45 When I was about 10 years old, I got my little sisters toes caught in the spokes of my bike. I was so afraid she would lose her toes that I think it was the first real "on my knees" praying.
#46 I am so thankful to have a healthy family, I know that we are blessed.
#47 I dig remote controlled anything.. Automation! Bring it on!
#48 I hate that I gained so much weight since the accident. SOME people like it that way...grunt. I enjoyed being a clothes horse.
#49 I think that happiness is a choice.
#50 I have no desire to do what I consider to be dangerous things. Such as bungee jumping, race car driving, skiing..and the like. I think in that respect, I may be boring. My idea of HIGH adventure is a Macy's White Sale.. Super Saturday, holy cow!

OK, how many left now? 50? grunt ...... sheesh! Who made this game up anyway?


sharon said...

You are a very complicated lady my friend.......but sweet and innocent!

DearGina said...

Sharon YA THINK? LOL Thank you, I'm gonna keep that..look at me! Sweet! AND innocent!!!!

Carla said...

Gina, you are too funny!! can't believe you whipped out 30!! I had a hard time with 7.

Suzanne Earley said...

You are too funny, Gina. I struggled to get to 7, too and here you are at 30! LOL! I did have fun reading them.

I'm going to have to see if I can think of some other interesting stuff about myself.

DearGina said...

It sure isnt easy is it? WOW!! Last week, Heather tagged me to do 100 things!!! I still hadnt found time when Carla tagged me for 7, so I thought I'd better do something huh? LOL
Thanks for posting:)
Chat soon,

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