Friday, February 27, 2009

My Kind Of Scones

Not certain yet if these will be on the table as a staple at the Inn, still THINKIN... (cause its what I do) So I will share them with you here:) My kids called it "Puffy Bread". Enjoy.

Hidden deep in the center of the State of Utah, in a beautiful green canyon (Beaver Canyon) was a restaurant named The Black Steer.They had the tastiest steaks in the State! ( say that 3 times fast) The best thing about this steak house was NOT on the menu, however it was placed on every table with your meal, as a bread. This is like no other bread I have ever tasted! Not even Italian fried bread is this good! I must have the recipe!
I must tell you, it took a good deal of Chef Shmoozing on this one. But I didn’t leave without it. I slightly remember telling that man one whopper of a tale about being from another country and needing to introduce his fine creation…lol Something like that. I wonder if he ever found out that the other Country I was from is California? Bad girl.
Through out the years I have served this to my family, friends, gatherings, and even my places of employment, much to the raves of my guests. My fondest memory now being of my son Jamie on the Chefs line pumping these out to patrons at The Ramada Inn on Mothers day, 1998 with a big grin on his face. He was so proud of his Mom, and of himself for knowing the recipe. God I miss my son.

Tip: Always pursue a good recipe. Put it in your purse, dissect it, Play with it, perfect it, and Voila! You will have a signature masterpiece of your very own to share!

2Tblsp salt
4 Tblsp sugar
2 ½ Tblsp corn oil
2 pkg yeast ( 2T)
2 cups milk
4 cups warm water
Start with 6 cups flour

Oil for frying

Combine salt, sugar and oil. Add milk and warm water. Dissolve yeast in mixture. Stir in by hand the flour a little at a time until mixture is like a batter. Continue adding flour until it is the consistency of a bread dough. Knead for several minutes. Put into a large greased bowl and let rise to double in size. Mix down and repeat. Heat oil on med-high
Pull off small balls and stretch ball apart. ( it should look like a circle gone wrong…lol)
Drop into oil a few at a time and fry until golden brown. Do not crowd them. Place on paper towels to catch excess oil.
Serve immediately with honey butter, and/or Jam

Warning: Addictive


marilyn said...


I don't comment very much on your blog but
I love to read it. You are really an
inspiration to a lot of people. It is just so
wonderful about your new life adventure
and I hope you have every success.


Judy Whitehead said...

Do you realize you almost make me want to start cooking again......




Gina said...

Thank you MArilyn, Judy, get busy:)
Ive had a few emails with proper names!!!
Beaver tails strikes me the best!
Also, The Pine Tree Inn Bend, Oregon serves them too!!! (whining, its MINE!!!) I will try the canadian version this week end, see if its close:) test kitchen is KILLIN ME OVER HERE!!

Thomas (& Laura) Hodge said...

When Mom made these, we called them "dough gobs" - scones definitely "sounds" better.
The first scones I learned to make were at Watercourse Way, a Hot Tub/Natural Foods/Juice Bar in Palo Alto. Early '80s.
I made some scones for our family gathering in Idaho - ask Heather about 'em.
I'd be happy to share the recipe!
God Bless You.
Heather's Sis Laura in Colorado

Gina said...

Send Laura Send!

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