Friday, February 20, 2009

You Ever Fish For Minced Fish?

I had to do Smart & Final... I perused the frozen fish section, cause I like da seafoods. I was shocked at the amount of MINCED fish packages for sale to restaurants. Afterall, Smart & Final boasts restaurant supply right? Yes, right. Who eats this? Who catches a fish already minced? Is it like bologna, hamburger or wieners? Minced WHAT? Is it fatty fish like herring or mackerel? It scares me like all the other processed foods. I was frozen in the door, hot breath fogged the entire section. I really was stuck in there pondering the whole minced thing. Do they take all the lesser quality fishes and grind em up? Is it only unwanted parts of? OMG Does this frighten anyone else? Have you ever fished for minced fish? I didnt think so. Maybe this is why I have never liked Hamburger meats. I have no bloody idea what the hell its made of. I may not want to. I do like to visit the butchers shop and have them sell me ground sausage cause he tells me whats in it. Maybe its like the fog... ya just dont know whats in there. Out there. At any rate, I have never caught a minced fish, so I'm not buying any, or eating any. :::Unless I mince it up in my own kitchen:::: Then I would need new tools... hmm.. a bone separator? a grinder? Sounds like too much work to me. I better stick to the whole fish. Baking stuff might be a better idea. Close the door Gina, people are staring, and its freezing!
I really should stop pondering these things. My forehead feels wrinkly. Damn. Whats in Botox? I thinks its poisons... hmmm.. Oh well, ya cant live forever I suppose.OMG STOP ME!


The Sarah Bear said...

I'm fine, I'm busy, I wish I was home still :) I love you, I will write, you missed Thursday, and I miss you.

Judy Whitehead said...

ROFLOL When I saw the commercial with the little girl asking "did you ever catch a minced fish" I cracked up laughing! Thanks for the chuckle this morning!!!

DearGina said...

I'm in a commercial??? LOLOL I always new I was destined for greatness:)

H: Miss u too

Anonymous said...

I bought fish sticks a few months ago that were supposed to be made of filets, but they had soy protein added. Isn't fish protein? Why do we need to add soy protein (to which I am deathly allergic)? It's a scary business reading labels, but we need to do it.

Anonymous said...

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