Thursday, February 26, 2009


I woke up this morning in a panic because I realized HOW MANY QUILTS I need to fill that mini mansion down there!!!, Lets do the math shall we?
12 beds ( 8 rentable)
16 rooms, well we wont need one in the laundry will we?
I have a hard time these days finishing one in a week! WTH am I going to do here? THINK.
OK, Rome wasnt built in a day eh? I still have 12 quilts in the hopper to get out before we leave, and one more coming in on Saturday. RUT RO!!! The girls are coming in tomorrow evening and they dont even know that thier rooms are deshelved with boxes!! I have been busy with marketing ad menu development, so I tell ya... I need to clone myself for at least 30 days!
Ok... just morning madness right... need a plan,no, need more coffee, or not? Wait! I think I'm having an idea! Its coming!
What if.... some of my talented quilted friends should like some advertisement? YES! Just think about it, YOUR quilt can be hung or on a bed with your famous name and contact information on it! Next to Clark Gable!!!
Who wants to start? Send me your best creation, queen, king ,throw,or artwork for walls, and I'll sell ya! your label strategically placed for the tourist to get one of their very own!
Think old about velvet, satin, crazy quilt, bow tie, applique! OMG THINK of the possibilities!! woohoo! think.. hey what patterns were prevalent in those days? Wait! Heres more! You deliver it to see where she will be loved! WOW! Pals coming! I'll need a new list! What do you think? I think I'll think harder while you think with me... we can do this! ( I know...we... sheesh... I see what you're thinking, another Lucy move... well?? How about some Ethel's showing up? Where's my Ethel'sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
I better go calm down.
And I THINK all this has screwed up my eye! I cant see well from it! Swollen, flopped over and dark red! CHIT! NOT pretty!


gaylemckay said...

Hey Gina... email me.
You want bed quilts?
You want some art quilts? Like..... Lucy? Oprah?

Hey, if you hate those ideas, I wont be offended.

And congrats on this new venture. Sounds thrilling for you. And like a perfect fit.


Anonymous said...

mom, is it ur blephritis acting up or do u have pink eye(conjunctivitis)?

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