Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Caution! Quilt Content!

I'm not sure what exactly is going on with me, but my quilting time is sorely missed. I have (as I already told you) many irons in the fire and sometimes find myself going in a couple dozen directions. The Electric company alone is taking much of my time. I am finally getting a stove and dishwasher installed tomorrow! :::You have NO IDEA how awful it is for a cook to be without a stove::: The microwave isnt so missed...but it WAS a smoking hot do it all Cusinart! We are still trying to repair large ticket items, and using our cell phones for alarm clocks. ( works amazingly well!) I also miss my OTT LAMPS and shop heaters immensely!! Let me also say that THIS crap isnt easy in these "trying" economic times.
OH!! I forgot I started with quilt content, didnt I? K.......

I bought this book at RD2CA last month and I want so much to start this Poppy quilt. Its Hot ribbon applique. DO you remember when the only sticky ribbon we could find was black to resemble stained glass? GONE are those days! LOTSA colors now oh boy! Anyway, I met this designer and would love to have her come for a teaching retreat. ( more info on that later, Sheena, I'll expect you). The designer happily agreed, so now, I stuck THAT iron into the fire too! These quilts are seemingly alive with the addition of Swarvarski crystals popping out of the stems like shiny seedlings! I would like to swap out this blue for another complimentary color... What ya think I should do? Heres a few pics, if you get the chance, pick up this book, then make plans to swing by my place to learn how to:) Have a great Hump Day... Tomorrow I may have food content due to a new stove in! WOOHOO! Hey!! I should make a day for it, like M & M's huh?

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The Sarah Bear said...

did i mention i am knitting now. yea, cause i am insane! i admire that you quilt - steady as she goes!


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