Monday, February 16, 2009

Tall Ships, Ginny, and M & M's

The tall ships have made their yearly landing here in Morro Bay! People come from miles around to board and witness an honest to goodness pirate ship battle at sea. Walt and I did this last yaer, and he is whining for me to do it again, however, it scared the beejeezees out of me! We sat in the back,,,ah...ah....Stern of the ship, yeah, stern.. And I tossed several cookies while children on the Bough ( front) were happily jumping up and down with every swell. I agreed to this trip as a birthday gift to Walt... Please tell me I dont have to do it again....grunt. BUT, I must say that it was fascinating, impressive, and COLD! I rather fancy sitting at home by a warm fire being entertained by Russell Crowe in Master & Commander. HBO THANKS. I know I know... boring. Walt loved it, and I swear half of California comes to see too, they cant all be wrong now can they?
We didn't do much this week end but photograph the hoopla going on on the Embarcadero. I've been a bit under the weather, and speaking of weather, its been sucky here for days! read: More of the Gail forced winds, rain and hail! I hear tell its snowing in the valley...WOW
This up coming week I have a bunch of quilts to do and hopefully a little trip next week end... we shall see. My lil Ginger had some matt issues this month so her beloved groomer is no longer beloved. SUPER GRUNT. Poor dang pup is embarrassed to be shaved all over her body, not to mention freezing!

She wouldnt stand for the lil hat that matches her sweater, and the pom poms are noticibly working on her last nerve. She does however appreciate the sweater:) Thank God hair grows back. Happy Monday, dont let rainy days and Mondays get ya down:)

M & M's

* Cute sweaters for dogs and moms with a complex

*Happy customers

* caring friends

*grand valentines

*LQS Owners who care

*Rudy's vocabulary



Carla said...

LOL... I got a good laugh out of your sweet puppy in the sweater... he looks so embarrassed!

My DH, Joe, would also love to visit big wooden sailing ships, too. It must be a guy thing...

Lynn Douglass said...

Were you on that ship yesterday? We were having lunch with Collin at The Great American Fish Company, and we enjoyed seeing the ship go by! The weather was quite windy and cold, and I'm glad we beat the storm back to the valley!

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