Thursday, February 5, 2009

Back in Kitchen Business! Almost!

OK, so still short a microwave & toaster, but guess what?? By 12:15 we have lift off!!! Who the hell ever thought that being able to do the dishes and cook a meal would blow up my skirt? Sheesh...... Its really amazing to me how attached we are to our modern tools of the trade. I say this only because I have the travel channel on babysitting Rudy, and they are in Nicaragua.. they gots NOTHING there! I dont think its on my list to travel to.. however, Costa Rica, nearby, IS. I cant wait to someday see the birds free flying there! I'm sure that Walt would love all the Tarzan human flying that they have. Now, Where was I?...oh! The tools...
They aren't state of the art, but Baby? They wont shock me anymore!!! I think I'll celebrate and go cook something...............How about some stuffed Zucchini's? Oh man! I should bake a cake to see if the temp is perfect! No wait, ZOUPA! Hmmmm I feel like split pea..... THIS is definitely going in my M & M's file for the week! While I'm cooking, I will start mentally "calling" the rest of the blow out electronics!

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Desert Threads said...

Nice!! Soup sounds good on days like this. Cold and windy and DARK sky.

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