Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Birthday



Doc said...

PET PEEVE: People saying "I'M NOT INTO BIRTHDAYS". Oh really?! You would rather NOT have them?! Cause that doesn't seem like a good alternative to me! I want EVERY SINGLE BIRTHDAY personally :)

WALT - YOU ARE LUCKY WE AREN'T NEAR! WE HAVE BEEN KNOWN TO SHOW UP UNEXPECTED ON PEOPLE'S BIRTHDAYS WITH CAKE, ICECREAM AND A BOWL TO PUT THEM IN! Love ya! Glad you are having a birthday, and I am celebrating with or without you :) Hrmph!


Desert Threads said...

Happy Birthday are looking good!!!

Jackie Russell said...

Happy Birthday Walt!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Walt. You and Gina are blessed.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!


Carla said...

Happy Birthday to Walt! He was born 2 days before my youngest son, Joseph. I hope his day was wonderful!

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