Sunday, February 1, 2009


Oh Wait! Nobody tell my battle Buddies for weight loss K? K....

I'm with my kiddies... its total chaos here. I have concerned myself soley with marinating meat and chippin and dippin... Ok, and wine. Whats on the menu you ask? Hmmm

Baby back ribs with a BAM! Chicken thighs, A hot artichoke dip, cream cheese with a raspberry chipolte sauce over top. Petite Puff Pastries ( for me), The standard Jalapeno poppers, and taquitos. I think I need to park a wheel chair out back for those that cannot move in a few hours. As far as I am concerned, I cant wait for the commercials!! I am not a football fan, but the commercials really give me a tickle. I have chosen a team anyway, I was forced into it. Now... Walt is a Bear fan, my Jamie was a Packer and 9er fan. Jake a raider fan.. but no one is a fan of todays game?? So why we celebrating? I have chosen the underdog. It has NOTHING to do with the fact that they are birds. Go Cardinals!! My Grand Justin isnt happy with me for this pick. Grunt. :::I'll let him eat more crapola and he will get over it:: I have rules you know....

"If Mommy says no...ask Nonni!!!"

I hope that everyone is safe and having a good time with those you love. I'll be headed back to the coast tomorrow, Check ya later!!

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