Tuesday, February 3, 2009

M & M Belated!

Sorry? I drove a lot? Wow.. What a weekend! Its so very difficult to see and do everything that I need to in such a short amount of time, but I did it! I had a wonderful visit with my parents, my sis and family, our daughters, and of course I got my grand fix! I even had a few hours with Heather which included a mini photo session! You MUST go see the first few pictures rolling in!! She looks Mahvelous too I might add, and feeling great! Here's my favorite, altho our together picture may be...I dunno???
My daughter and I also had the task of going through Jamies clothes. It wasnt so easy, but then again, a bit cathardic. I have many tee shirts for quilts, some dating back to boyhood. Thats all I can say about that right now in order to thwart off an addditional meltdown.

Then.........................theres a few of y amateur shots??? LOL Here is my Sissy at PF Changs for dinner

My beautiful niece Jackie...............

And Pappa feeding Emi steaks?And I just couldnt figure out how this lil angel could sleep through the superbowl yelling and screaming????All in all it was a wonderful Heart Food filling week end. It has to hold me awhile because I have many irons in the fire! ( to be announced later) I am off to clean a messy house, ::read Rudy::finish binding a quilt, and begin another.

Marvelous Mondays include

* Heart Food

*Comfy car for long drives

*A photographer in the family Woohoo!!

*SLO downtown SAFE walks in the night

*Tee Shirts

*Gingers good nature, cause Aviana is a rough buddy!

*Coming home

1 comment:

The Sarah Bear said...

Hey! Put the one of you and Avi up - it is gorgeous! GORGEOUS!!! YOU ARE GORGEOUS! I wish you wouldn't beat yourself up so much! Damn woman! See yourself like we see you :) It would be healthier!

Love you!

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