Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Photography Not My Forte?

I hope that photograpghy isnt a catagory listed under Domestic Goddess, because it would crush me. I can do many things.....but apparently, not this!
I have been getting Ginger ready to go north to smooch up the grands. Its been 32 days since I did so. ( Christmas) I can only go so long ya know? I had a rough day but brought it under control, and made a plan.... Plan A... we shall see. Pitiful I say. I spoke to some friends, and my girls. Hell I even bugged the son in law. I told him that I decided that he should have a superbowl Sunday party. He happily agreed! What a good son in law eh? So once again, I will motor on up, about 900 miles round trip and see all that I can from Auburn to Manteca.... Want me to bring the camera?


Anonymous said...

YES, bring the camera! Photographer is NOT under Domestic Goddess....only 'good/decent picture taker' is under that category. You more than qualify for 'good/decent picture taker'.

Karen A.

Desert Threads said...

Looks just fine to me.
Have fun on your trip and be careful.

Deb said...

Hey, they're recognizable so they're OK!

Have a great trip and get lots of smooches.

Cam said...

I love your blog. Aren't the grands wonderful? Like your own fan club! Cam

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