Monday, January 12, 2009

The List of All Lists!

Ever try to inventory everything that is plugged into your home? Get model numbers , replacement costs? I only finished 3 rooms today! This is unbelievable for sure. The crappyier news is how much they will depreciate my stuff! And............... WHY didnt I keep receipts!!!!! Lesson Learned.
Rudy is doing better and has stopped plucking arbitrarily. He has even spoken a few times, nothing happy schmappy as usual, but he is coming around. Me? Well, I couldnt even blow dry my hair! Its just freaky trying to figure out how we lived without power, let alone the internet! I am so very thankful for a coffeemaker and ONE computer up and running! A persons got to know their limitations eh?
I have done well with making "myself" a priority today too. Altho... it is wine 30... wish me luck. I guess I just wanted to switch from the best buy site to the blogger site and Kvetch a bit... thanks::Wink::


Vicki W said...

I can't even imagine how much work that lsitmaking is! Uggghh!

Gretchen said...

Think of your list making as a shopping list. We all know how good you are at shopping, lol.

Desert Threads said...

Good luck on the insurance. Thankfully mine is replacement value not current value.

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