Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Sissy!

Yep, its her birthday today! She is blog challenged, or just doesnt wish to enter the blog But sometimes I can get her to come check us all out. She is an amazing sister indeed, who loves to laugh, love, and ok... play in the dirt gardening. ( grunt) This we do not have in common. However, in fairness, she doesnt sew! So we are a good team. Her home is in Auburn, CA. We dont get to hang out as much as we would like to. I tell her to move to the coast, she tells me to come pick a mountain top. Hmmmmm. Sisters?

Happy Birthday Kelly, we love you!

I am looking for a picture.. but frankly, Im lucky to have internet.. YEP YEP YEP Cable compay was here last night and blew us up again:( More on that later, right now Im trying to clean the mess, and NOT eat!!

Until I find a pic of sis, just pretend to see me 6 years younger, 30 lbs lighter, oh, and prettier too, and you will see my sissy!

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The Sarah Bear said...

Hey there Kel!!! Happy Happy Birthday to you! Wishing you fun, laughter, and good cake for today - and alway.


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