Friday, January 16, 2009

Road Trip

I'm a little excited to see all of the winning quilts tomorrow!!! I am hearing results coming in all over the place! Congratulations to all the winners! I will report on THAT later! Today I am busy preparing to make 40 quilters on a bus..... HAPPY? I've got their games, prizes, water bottles, and goodie bags. I am armed and dangerous, all I need is charm eh? Man I sure hope I don't lose anyone. Not that they would care being left at ROAD huh!
My week has been good. I am so sore that I dont want to discuss that. Suffice to say that I did O.K. Not certain if I can WALK today at all though...LOL
I feel bad posting warm pictures when you are all freezing out there. Walts says it warms you all up for a few minutes... is this true? The good thing about the walk is people watching. I get the biggest kick out of pondering peoples. Where do they hail from? Are they East of I-5? Why are they walking over here? Why in the world would they walk an ugly dog? Oh sorry... bad girl.
I would love to go on these walks with Rudy. I really would. He would have a blast people watching with me. When we were RV-ers, he was the residant screen porch beach bather spotter. Wolf whistling at all the girls. He was safe and happy in his little patio. If he was on my shoulder I'm sure that wouldnt be the case. I would spend all of my time stooping to pick him up off of the ground. Anything at all freaks him out! You should see the show when the broom comes out! When I bring out the vacuum I actually have to go to him, have an "it's ok" chat before I turn it on. He STILL sits atop his perch and shivers while I'm working. When I finish, he makes a whistling relief and starts to sing Pop goes the weasal.. Only nowadays he changed it up to the same tune, only says...." Papas con Chorizo". My Mother did that. She told him thats how she sung it as a child, so of course, he picked it up... along with Hey Ruth! He really is a good pal.
In a few years, when we are settled again, I'd like to add another feathered friend to our family. A Mini Macaw. Maybe he/she would like to roam with me. Ginger is my walker for now, and she is one nutbar of a dog. She wants to visit everyone and everything. She chest bumps me when she sees the lead come off the hall tree. If I had her energy I could walk anywhere! If she could speak like Rudy does, she would be a fast talking happy ass chatter.
Now that I have rambled through my breakfast, about I dunno what... I should go start my roadtrip bus list. Its goodie bag time! Have a great week end, I know I will be in 7th heaven at Road2Ca! Hey Sheena! You should be here!


Desert Threads said...

Poor Rudy! When I run the vacuum, Rocky and Tazzie think it's time to take a bath. Bless their hearts!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the have bird valium...LOL Our cat goes psycho when Austin breaks out the Nerf gun he received for Christmas. But that may be because last year sometime when Austin had a play date...the boys decided the cat could be a moving target. Let's just say that won't happen again!

Have fun at the show!

Karen A.

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