Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Thoughts

It's raining here today. But the good news that I'm going home to Pismo area to run errands, so rain just isnt so bad. Besides, I hear that we need it. I'll hit the quilt shops and a few stomping grounds, grab some lunch and get a manicure....ahhhhh My diet isnt doing so well even though I'm hungry all the darn time. THAT chaps my hide. I think the stubborn belly fat is hanging on for dear life screaming HELL NO WE WONT GO! Must be the age. I decided that the heavy walking plan isnt a good idea if I'd like to stay out of the hospital. You know what I';d like to try? One of those punching bags that hang from the ceiling. Yeah really! I could kill 2 birds with one stone...(OMG who made that up, horrible!) I could work out anger issues while being in cardio, strength training! 3 birds! The aggressive walking is hell on my knee, so maybe punching wont tax it so bad. I have yet to make the appointment for my new titanium knee, cause frankly, I dont relish the thought of going through all of that pain again! ( I've seriously had it up to THERE with pain.) I have mucho sympathy pains going to Oregon for Rondas knee surgery this week.
I hope to catch a movie this week end, I enjoyed The Curious Case Of Benjamin Buttons, and as I said before, Clints new movie was OKAY, but I expected more. Now I need to see Frost Nixon as I hear that its brilliant. And I guess I should go and see Slumdog eh? I really had no interest until I saw the Golden Globes..hmmmmm
I'm doing fairly well with emotion control. Journal ling everything and I think that SAMe is really helping out. The joint stuff Bioflex, is not! I have done plenty of research on the SAMe and it may just be the ticket as I cannot tolerate prescription meds at all. I'll keep you posted.
I get to order my new eyes today too! My Sarah Palin frames finally made it in, and I for one am excited to try frame less frames! My DG frames will be missed, but maybe I can make a spare pair. I find it so handy dandy to have Dolce & Gabanna as my Dear Gina initials! Woohoo! SCORE. As a side note, I used DG perfumes long before I figured out that we shared the initials:)I think it was when my Walt got me that fabulous DG wallet and I bought peed my pants when making the :::I am easily amused:::
On the quilting front, I have 2 to bind and plenty to quilt next week, so I need to go down and not come up!! Enough ramblings for today...non productive blogabout huh? Have a great week end, chat soon:)

**Happy Birthday to my pal Bettyanne** Have a wonderful dinner tonight, and I'm thinking about ya!


Linda said...

The pool, the pool--jogging in the pool! It is so easy on the joints and it's building up the muscle so I can do heavier walking!!! Getting older is only for the tough!
Lurking Linda

Anonymous said...

Gettin old Ain't for Sissy's, so said the great Bette Davis!

G, the new knee pain is awful for such a short time, in the longterm scheme of things it is worth it, and yes I am saying that being not quite 1 week out of surgery...

Water aerobics is wonderful for the entire body and is non weight bearing. Also a bike is great for those knees as is an eliptical machine (I hate that one).

Enjoy your day and weekend, I left you a message, give me a holler... LUM... Ronda

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