Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Some Sun Pondering

I wonder if I suffer from SADD. That seasonal affliction? No really....listen.... Putting all of life's changes, and my own personal grief ride aside. Morro Bay, (read MORBID) is naturally a very grey beachy, sun deprived kind of bedroom/retirement community. BUT, for the past few weeks, and especially the past few days, we are having some sort of record breaking heat wave! Sun all afternoon, and temps in the 70/80's. NOW..... Notice the blog posts. Despite all of the crap STILL going on she manages to smile through it? Add Vitamin D deficiency to the grief ride, then perked up by a few weeks of sunshine?HMMMMMMMM I can also add Walt into the equation and either call it the same, or sympathy pains. ( happy wife is a happy life)
From May to January its been drippy, dark, depressingly NOT typical California weather that I am accustomed to. Its a mind blower, and I am pondering it today. I will return to Pismo for the day for errand running and quilt shop stop. I'm liking that. Theres even MORE sunshine there! I'm gonna drop the top....Maybe I will walk the ole beach! We went on a walk last evening, uphill, bad knee and all. Painful, and worth it. I have GOT to get into ortho soon. GRUNT
I'll try and post some pics tonight, cause I see that the blog is lagging in that department:)
On another note, have you caught the premier of 24?? WOW!!!
Tonight is American Idle kick off, come over, lets have an AI party. We can laugh and groan a lot.
Geez! I just heard todays weather report! 83 today! OMG!! My Jamie would be in the water for sure!


Anonymous said...

Whatever the reason, enjoy it!!!

Anonymous said...

Cambria, California 82 degrees... When will this heat wave end?

We are Californians, too hot 78+ too cold 60 & below… oh, sorry… I’m boasting?

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