Thursday, January 15, 2009


Forget Jello Legs, how about shoulder, hip, knee, $$$ pain? So maybe it was a little too ambitious a start? It wasnt meant to be a tough walk, I am just typically a brisk walker. Walt is always telling me to slow down, but I just go places quickly? Its probobly little girl syndrome. Thats it.. little legs, short strides, move fast. I used a calorie counter that 2L sent on, and I am surprised that I was still at 1300 calories, BEFORE 2 glasses of wine! CHIT! Now what?
I woke up at 5:15, moaning. Yep yep yep.. stuck to the pillow, stoved up to beat all from my neck all the way down. How in the heck will I do it again today? The top of my morning list says.... ADVILL, HOT SHOWER. Im working on quilt bus games, so I will make this short. Maybe IF I make that walk I'll have new pictures for you. Glad everyone is enjoying, thanks for the extra emails stating so! I just love this lil Olympus pocket camera! I need a new one, updated, and sandless. BBL! Wish me luck... or... just say GO GIRL GO?


Marilyn said...

Your doing a great job ! The pictures are an
added bonus for me being in Michigan and at 1 degree.


Vicki W said...

Maybe just a short walk today to loosen things up. I walk really fast too. I think it's a combo of being a midget and having worked in a restaurant for several years. There's no time for dragging feet in restaurant work!

Diana said...

Aw poor Gina! I feel bad for you but don't my sympathy stop you from a little walk today. You will feel better after the shower and you get moving around. Just start slow and work your way up! You go Girl!

Gretchen said...

I wasn't feeling up to my workout today either. I thought I might skip it. Until I weighed myself. that was enough to motivate me right off my lazy butt.
Sorry you are sore today, go slowly. You can do this!

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