Monday, January 5, 2009

A New List!!!

I am playing that song about a gazillion time a day... "What Have You Done Today To Make you Feel Proud?" ( see earlier post) So I decided to write them down. ( cause I write, therefore I am) Now I know what you're thinking... Just what she needed, another list right? Well??? If it works??? WHATEVER WORKs!!! (work with me people) I looked at the list, and said to myself.. "those arent much of an accomplishment G".. and then it HIT ME. I FINISHED THE LIST WHICH IN TURN CREATED A NEW LIST! yep yep yep.... my regular TO DO list got finished, checked alllll over the place, so this means what? Finishing a list, made me feel proud! ( Im such a simple minded goof these days eh) But it worked!!! I bounced merrily down the stairs singing What have you done today to make you feel proud...lalalallalalalala
Now admittedly, I havent made dinner yet.. but I'm on it.. and I also added a few things like picking up my new PC at costco:::wink:::

1 comment:

Desert Threads said...

I don't see "smile once in a while" on your list!!

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