Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year Chant With Me

2009 will be fine... 2009 will be mighty fine... I'm doing it...I'll be fine in 09!!!! grunt.
Today was ok, made some calls, organized some things in the shop. I made Morracan Lamb Chops for dinner, although I must say that cooking is slim pickens these days. 2 lamb chop go a LONG way!
Aviana called on her way home from a day trip, to tell me that she ate crab num nums with butter and lemon, and it winked at her....., went down a crooked street, and was afraid of the big bridge. I laughed and said "Oh you are in San Francisco huh?" She was excited and tired. I want to see her and Heather so we may just jump in the car and motor on down to do just that tomorrow. (film at 11:00)
I was fortunate enough to recieve NOT the SHAM WOW that I asked for for Christmas, but instead a beautiful smokin hot new computer!:::You DO remember the cable blow up story right?::: So I have been busy learning the VISTA ropes. The moniter is 24 inches which is larger than our bedroom TV, and I am Sham Wow'd just looking at it! ::: I think I will order the shamwow and get it out of my system::::
I hope you all got some cool surprises for your Christmas, and are enjoying the new year too. I am in hopes of stability, security, smiles, serenity, and a HUGE list I have in the making over there......................
chat soon, LYG


Vicki W said...

Hmmm... computer....sham wow....that's a tough one. LOL!

Mary said...

Man"tra\, n. [Skr.] A prayer; an invocation; a religious formula; a charm.

There's nothing wrong with having a mantra and I'll be fine in 09 sounds like a good one.

Thomas (& Laura) Hodge said...

We used a sham wow at our kid's house in Indiana after 1/4 of a liter bottle of soda sprayed all over the kitchen.
It worked!
You'll be fine in 2009!

Anonymous said...

That was a really good infomercial....I was getting drawn in too...hummmm if I remember right it was in the weeee hours of the am.:)

Nancy H

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