Monday, January 12, 2009

New Normals and M & M's

Is this morning ritual of the new normal for the big FIFTY decade?

I remember the good ole days of just gemme cooffee and nobody gets hurt!

Now.... I have to put MEDS on my daily list! Ya got your BP, hormones, cranberry, knee juice, SamE to juice up my mood, and not pictured here is a Acai Berry bottle in the fridge I get to SHOOT an ounce a day of. PFFT... I just want my coffee thanks. I actually must put this mess on my list to remember it!

I am busy creating new normals. I joined a support group to lose weight because I refuse to add one more pill to this daily regimen above. My poor Walt has a dresser full of vitamins, nutrients and supplements to take daily, and frankly, its difficult for the both of us! ( yeh, and they stink too) I am in hopes that my group of BFF's can help keep me on guard, cause whats the goal here peoples?? Dont let Walts weight pass me the hell up! ( the other way )

Its true. I have to get a handle on myself, and for the first time in my young life, Im not sure how to go about that, but darned if I dont try everyday. I pray that I never "LOSE" that part of my character. Today is no different.

Made my list, checking it twice. PG & E is going to get THEIR list too.. I didnt even have an alarm clock this morning! We used our cell phones! One iron of 2 was sparred, so that helped? ::Thank God my coffeemaker works!!! Its just amazing to me how difficult it must have been with no electricity. I dont understand how some things were ok, and others just blown up? Anyone know a good deal on a bazillion surge protectors?

Have a Marvelous Monday, and if anyone has any ideas for games for my quilter bus girls, send em on! LYG!

*cell phone alarm clocks!

*The lone laptop

*Getting out last evening to see Gran Torino ( Go Clint!!) It was very good, but I had bigger expectations so I was a little bummed.

*70 degree afternoons! ::ducking::

*Candles all over, when I needed them

*Marshalls, man I love to hunt a good buy!

*Gas stoves


Anonymous said...

I've fallen off the "normal" wagon from time to time, BUT when I remember to get back on, I can manage for quite some time with very little trouble. The trick is to get one of those weekly pill holders. (Yep, the ones used by many of the old and/or seriously ill.)

Just stock up once a week and leave the thing someplace where you will see it! They even have ones that have AM/PM compartments. Also be sure not to take your meds with anything that might counteract them, i.e. grapefruit or orange juice.

Getting older sucks at times but it also brings new adventures. Enjoy the ride!

Christine O.

Anonymous said...

i agree! getting older aint easy baby.

Gretchen said...

Glad we can support each other on this ride.

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