Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday Musings and M & M's.

August 3rd. Can you believe how fast time is going? We have about a week left of promoting Ronda Beyers Quilt weekend before my boss puts the NIX on all of these rooms booked. We have 4 of 10 sold. I need some help, talk it up ladies, sell, sell, sell! Incredibly low priced retreat as I have siad before. A must for we as long armers growing our careers. I hope soooo much that we can make this happen.
This past week has been our fullest in the Inn so far and I am the MOST exhausted too! Every bone is feeling this one for sure. We had several countries represented too! Bulgaria, Cuba, France and Finland chatted the evenings away with people from Los Angeles! LOL ( ya had to be here)
In a weak moment while searching for strawberries downtown, I ran right into a humane Society stand. This resulted in a new family member coming home with me. I am still shaking my head citing..."WTH HAVE U DONE G?" Walt has wanted a cat for years and I have a parrot. NOT a good combo. None the less there she was with her big blue eyes staring at me as if she was in suffering pain where she sat. I picked her up and she snuggled my neck with a pitiful meow. tsk tsk tsk....A Burmese mix, beautiful and bashful, and still 3 days later , no name. I will post a picture when I get her out from under the bed again and you can help. She seems loving while being held, but everything scares her and she runs for cover. She is eating and using her box well.... she is a scardy cat? I will welcome cat lover advise. Ginger is curious, and she actually isnt afraid of her! Now people.... another story. grunt.
Marvelous Mondays include:

*Happy guests
* Good Kona Coffee, via IV!
*fabric to fondle and quilts to hope
* Madelines restaurant discounts!
*Signage.... love signage... my new ones says... Wherever you go, go with ALL your heart.


Desert Threads said...

A cat!!?? Sir Rudy will put her in her place right quick and in a hurry! I thought you were getting Rudy a playmate??

Deb said...

Oh lordy, Gina! Well, Rudy can probably take care of himself, and I'm sure hel'll assert himself early in the game.

As for the scared's a new place with other animals to boot, so it'll take a while. Just let the little thing have a safe room away from all the others until she feels more secure. She'll come out and start exploring when she's ready.

Ours still run to our bedroom when new people (or little people) come over.

Carol said...

We had a kitty - Princess Tasha - rarely ever saw her. She was a Persian and was beautiful, but she could not be sold from her litter because she would always run and hide. She would hide under the couch and all one could see was that beautiful tail. She died several years ago and we still miss her - even though we rarely saw her. We should have named her Greta Garbo - she wanted to be alone.

Hope the retreat "makes" - it would be great fun, just not a good time for me, but I wish I could.

Kim S said...

I had a cat that lived under the bed for almost a year. He was a small Manx, and a bit wild when Dan caught him. He was too young to be away from his Mom so I bottle fed him. He was the first bottle fed wild kitten that wasn't tamed by the time he was eating dry food by himself.

Anyway, we just let him be. When the house was quiet in the evening he would come out to visit. He eventually became really friendly, but would still go under the bed when someone new came to the house.

Anonymous said...

I soooo wish I could join you for your quilt weekend...a little out of my reach right now...Have tons of fun!


Anonymous said...

I'm confused I thought you only had 4 openings left, what happened to the 6 for sures???? Are you messing with my mind??? Glide thread is going to provide some goodies for everyone who is at the Retreat, how is that for coolness??????? Time for you to go for it we only have til Monday.....

Gina said...

It turned into 6 on monday! LOL I am calling and emailing the world here! June and Pam too. Hell I even have non quilters on the case! Times running out!

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