Monday, August 10, 2009

Catch Ups And M & M's

If not for an 81/2 x11 thicker than a phone book registration book, I wouldnt know the day of the week
Does EVERYONE vacation in August? I wont bore you with whining of all the goings ons here, but suffice to say that I dream about the likes of french toast with pure maple syrup. I suppose its because Walt and I find wierd things to squabble over these days , like, why do I insist on buying PURE maple syrup when Aunt Jemimas is right there cheap. I tried to tell Dear Walt about the differances... citing the differance between margarine and butter. He doesnt get it. HERES what I dont get.... He goes down the candy isle of smart and final and fills a cart! HELLO SAVINGS??? He claims its for the kids. He enjoys spoiling them. Or making thier parents mental, one. Which brings me to a piece of sunshine.... Jake is down from Idaho with the kids!! yep yep yep.. I have my baby grands for a few days! Jamie is walking all over and Shawn is still a whiner! ( he gets it from his dad). They are so cute and I miss them so very much. Tonight we went out after the wine 30 crowd and ate cippino together. They did the beach while we did the guests today.
In other news I sent out emails at midnight last night cancelling my highly anticipated stitch and bitch. I mean class retreat. You KNOW that hurt more than words eh? Now I must stand on my head, on the corner of our block to sell those rooms to keep the boss happy. Thats all I have to say about that. CLIC
I must report that we named the impulsive kitty purchase. We named her Arrivederci` :::And re homed her with my housekeeper Francela:) I dunno... maybe I am a little insane?

Still, I must find the M & M's: Where's John Mayer when ya need him?

*Steak & Jeff being here with the kids
*Cute back to school clothes at Marshalls. I found the boys the cuteset Ed Hardy sweatshirts:::squeel:: And of course, all my girls a dress::;wink:::
*Emails from loved ones asking about me, thank you:)
*Jamies kisses

hey! Did I mention that I miss Aviana?

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