Monday, September 21, 2009

Marvelous Monday

It was...really it was. It was productive... thats marvelous right? We didnt have any sunshine, and clearly no rainbow, but Walt felt pretty good, and much work was done, and hey guess what? I didnt have to make breakfast yippee!! I pretty much have to realize and accept the truth. I STILL dont do mornings. Grunt. Its okay too, because not everyone can be a morning person right? Because there would be no night peoples! :::work with me peoples::: I can justify practically anything.
M & M's included :

Premiere of HOUSE ( loved it!)
Sherry's help in the Inn
2 day priority mail, cause I have no patience?
Walts little netbook cause mine died:(
Guests who send you very touching thank you notes, inspirational books, ty sally, and TY also Allen Sargeant's CD who noticeably loves being a good servant. Who says people arent sent at the perfect time?
I'll find more next week?


marilyn said...

I love the morning but not if people are
involved.....just me and my coffee LOL
Glad to hear that Walt felt good. Your
right about people coming at the
time when you need them most .Take care

Desert Threads said...

Each day will bring new surprises and problems. We just have to learn to jump through our own hoops.

Anonymous said...

HOUSE, oh yeah Baby, going to be a great season... Glad Walt is getting well and I am most thankful for your wonderful monday... Miss ya and Love U More...

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Walt is home and attemting to eat. I am doing the same. I have dropped so much weight since my surgery and allt eh complications that I too am considered malnourished. Oh well...Walt and I both will continue to heal and get stronger day by day. And I'll tell you I am thankful for all of those who have been around and helping to tkae care of me. I am sure Walt feels the same. You hang in there and keep remembering that life has a way...and I agree there are rainbows but sometimes they are so faint we have to really look to see them.

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