Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Why Ya Cryin????

In my early morning reads, I found this article and needed to have a rant of my own.....

Why Ya cryin?
Airports have now begun asking those wearing turbans to take off their head-wear for security reasons... SO WHAT?
I swear, sometimes the news gets me so steamed up! And I keep reading it every morning!!! ( note to self: read more quilt books instead)

Get this:

(CBS) New York: The new federal policy of checking hats when going through airport security is causing a serious controversy, with many now asking: Is it a necessary security measure or an act of religious/racial profiling? If you make it through airport security, Federal screeners can now search or pat down a passenger's hat in search of illegal items or weapons. Sounds like a good idea to me... Why are they cryin???Some see this new checkpoint as illegal....One group, The Sikhs –says.... the new hat policy is focused on those who wear turbans is racial profiling. SO WHAT?
GET OVER IT! Others could have guns or knives or bombs under their turbans. I say we should have been uncovering all add on wear - baseball caps, helmets, turbans, scarves, etc., a long time ago. It is VERY possible that someone would have a weapon under one of those -just like I could have a boxcutter in my Crocs! We, or the powers at be should not care about whether or not anyone is upset with the new rules. I don't like that I have to carry my lipstick and hand lotion in a plastic bag, but you don't see airport security bending the rules for me. We all have to take off our sweaters and shoes. Why should those with turbans be exempt? GRUNT.
Singh, a Sikh who wears his turban as part of his religion, was stopped recently when he flew out of his home airport in Washington D.C. He objected to having his turban patted down after he had passed the metal detector, "What I had to go through was not only humiliating, but a demeaning situation to get onto this flight," Singh says. ( say it in your best accent please) Singh finally agreed to the pat down, but asked it to be done behind closed doors.
A WORD to the Sikhs- You are not the victims here! Excuse me, but everytime my underwire bra sets off the metal detector (which is everytime) or I refuse to take my Crocs off, they pull me aside between two divider doors and pat me down all over. And if a large wand between your legs and around your breasts isn't humiliating, I don't know what is. So freaking deal with it!
I say to you with add-ons to your head or other areas of your body.... I want to be sure the airports have checked you for weapons of terrorism. And if you don't have to take your turban off, I will not remove my crocs or let anyone wand my bra! Wait, that wont happen, because I WILL comply. I really dont want bombs or battles in MY country.

Phew, thanks... I can now go on...lol I think I'll turn on some music, make another pot, and get to work. I have a flight scheduled for next month... I shall ponder ways to mess with the federal agents through security.... NOT


Sharon said...

AMEN!! I go by their rules and regulations every time I fly, why can't they? The only part I don't like is having to take off my shoes (flip flops) What can a person possibly hide in a pair of flip flops???? I ask ya! And the cooties all over the floors, makes me cringe just thinking about it.

JudyL said...

My thoughts exactly!

Jan Thompson said...

Well, Gina - I have said it before - we think alike on most of this stuff. Amen, Sister!

Randi said...

Well said!

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