Saturday, September 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Justin!

Nine... I think my Grandson is nine? Wow, I'm losing it here...cant remember ages? (lets blame it on menopause K?)

When Justin was born I was frantically trying to run a hotel and be available for labor and delivery coach too. I remember the Director of the hotel telling me that there was no way it took THAT long to have a child. I was offended by this, and told him he was just a man, I dont think you are qualified to make such an assessment. ( he didnt like that at all). Justin finally arrived and was quite a compliant child, however now that he has found his voice seems to give his family a run for thier money. ( read, his Mother X 100) The curse lives on in all parents eh? Wasnt it just yesterday that I wagged my finger at my daughter saying wait til you have kids JUST like you? Smart as a whip, this child... maybe he will be an attorney.You see him wagging that breadstick over there? I am sure that he is telling someone just how the cow eats the cabbage!
He is STILL waiting for a quilt from his Nonni, however in my defense, he changes his hero's monthly. Needless to say, I have a stash built here ranging from Superman to Harry Potter and all of them in between! When he comes over, he fondles them... trying to choose. I think it may give him pleasure just collecting super hero fabrics? ( I can relate). I took his gift to him last week. Instinctively he knew that I was carrying it. He cocked his head to one side and said "Nonni? is that really clothes?" I laughed and wondered if history repeated itself because THATS what my own boys always said. The clothes were ok for him, but I scored on the black jacket. He did like that alot. I really should stay UP on the toys better than I do. Now with all the lead content coming from China, maybe clothes arent such a bad thing afterall?

Happy Birthday Dear Justin, I love you:)


We will be enjoying the festivities today downtown! I have a quilt hanging somewhere, not sure where, it will be a quest!I think its for the Rotary Club Auction. It should be a nice break in my day!
Happy Saturday to you and yours!


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Carla said...

Justin is a doll! What a handsome young man! How fun it must be to be a grandmom, too! Can't wait!

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