Friday, September 7, 2007

A TGIF Day! ( or a quickie, choose your own adventure day! ))

What color is your soul painted?


Your soul is painted the color orange, which embodies the characteristics of balance, heat, enthusiasm, flamboyance, playfulness, aggression, over-emotion, danger, desire, strengthens the ability to concentrate, attraction, adaptability, and stimulation. Orange falls under the element of Fire, and symbolizes glory and fruits of the earth.

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Sharon said...

I'm green! My soul is painted the color green, which embodies the characteristics of youth, wealth, vigor, aggression, coldness, jealousy, greed, corruption, sincerity, hope, growth, stability, money, luck, prosperity, fertility, cooperation, employment and healing. Green falls under the element of Earth, and symbolizes our planets fertility as well as life itsself.

Dianah said...

Ha! I'm red. Go figure. My house has a lot of red in it, I got married in a red dress, I quilt with a lot of red, wear red lipstick. Who'd have thonk that my personality would also be red.


Jan Thompson said...

I am purple - which has been my very favorite color since I was a very small child! I have some purple in most every room of my home.

Dianah said...

SO here's my question, Do you eat cupcakes?


Anonymous said...

I;m a purple also, which happens to be my favorite color. Just aboput every quilt I make has pruple in it.

Karen L

DearGina said...

I'm glad that you're all trying the color thingy:) I myself wished to be a flaming LIME green, but Orange was my next flame:)(or red?)
Dy, I gotta tell ya... When my friend Blima was going on about cupcakes, I suddenly got the URGE...went down to my favorite bakery and bought the prettiest lil cupcake you ever saw and waited for my coffee to brew.... I was dissapointed in ALL THE PILES OF FROSTING!!! but the cake was delish:)
That was the first one in I'm over it?

TerriW said...

I did this quiz from Nancy H's blog but cannot get it posted on my blog, darn it.

I am brown. Earthy, resilient, etc.........boring.........

Anonymous said...

I'm purple also although it is not really one of my favorite colors. I'm with Gina, I wanted to be lime green!

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