Monday, October 1, 2007

Marvelous Monday!

I dunno about you guys, but it seems to me that this week came and went in 2 days time! WOW, I think I JUST wrote a MM blogabout! So this means I am grateful for even more yes? lol I personally think I should make longer gratitude lists!

  • We had a fun evening in Santa Barbara last Friday! We actually went to test drive a new car that we didnt like, but ended up having a nice dinner at a HOT sidewalk grill/bar called the Sandpiper. Mexican Fare, and tequilla bar... The food was fantastic, the margarita, Meza Meza. I had a grilled Mahi Mahi Chimichanga! ( thats gringo for fish fried burrito). All in all it was a very nice break in the week. Walt and I walked off dinner and shopped a few stores where he found a penguin that was in need of a good home. Santa Barbara is so full of life and exciting, I MUST go and spend the day shopping State Street. Wanna come?

  • I had one of the best little tickles I can remember at the McDonalds drive thru on Wednesday errand running! Now I gotta tell you, its a rarity that I use McDonald's for anything other than a coffee/potty place, (ever notice that they always have good coffee there?) but it was a good stop today! I ordered up a meal and scooted up to the pay window where I was told that the lady in front of me had paid for my lunch already! woohoo! THIS is something I do, but its never happened to me??? I tried to get that little black Volvo's attention, but she sped off so fast that she didn't see me hanging out the side of my Jeep! Thank you whoever you are, I LOVED that 5 dollar feeling!

  • I love checks. Do you love checks in the mail? I got one from Costco! 203 lets go shopping dollars from Costco! YIPPEE!! I bought mostly important stuff, (like ziplocs) and a delightful new Liz Claiborne Chocolate track suit.. TY Costco!

  • A great sale at Borders on Audio books! ( a new hook for me and Walt) We got The Bourne Ultimatum, Culture Warrior, and a new John Grisham.. name escapes me now. I cant wait to give a listen.

  • Last, but should have been written first, 2 new local customers on referral from Atascadero. Oh man... finally the pro bono work is paying off! I can remember a few years ago, all inventory was pro bono, now Im blessed with all hangers filled with ::can you do mine please?::: orders!

I'm almost ready for my trek down the state into 8 lanes of sheer stress!I just googled the directions to the hotel, I have 6 freeway changes! WTF??? (insert I need GPS whine) Ronda, you gotta know I REALLY want to see ya to go through THAT mess in LA! I think I'll go and get a lime green pedicute in her honor today! (that'll be some picture eh?)


Ronda Beyer said...

Gina, I am sorry....... I have to take a cab from the airport to the hotel, I am worried that I will need to mortgage my home to pay for it (lol)... Drive safely, it is raining here in Oregon and everyone has forgotten how to drive in the rain it is a mess out there (lol).... See ya soon....

DearGina said...

LOL! Dont be sorry! Its a Journey!!! You want me to pick you up? Is it John Wayne airport?

Jan Thompson said...

Sure wish I were joining you two for the classes. I know they will be great!

Sharon said...

If you were coming into Ontario, I could pick you up on the way. YEAH I'M GOING TOO!!!!!!!! Whoo Hoo!
See you all tomorrow.

Dianah said...

I hope you take tons of pictures! I really wish I could go too. Have fun. Drive safe. I love to drive in LA! I'm not kidding, I love it!


Mary said...

8 lanes of stress sounds like Atlanta traffic which I don't miss at all! I just broke down and purchased a GPS - living downtown in Minneapolis I don't drive much and still don't know my way around even after living here 10 months (unless I'm on foot!)

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