Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Stacey Woods First Music Video::Edit::

This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Scorpio / Can't Stop Productions

Sorry Blog Readers, they pulled it:( Bummer, fun while it lasted though! I think I watched 20 times! LOL

My dear friends daughter Stacey is following her model dream and is in her first music video! I thought I'd share:) She is the first model getting hand slapped on pizza, then again in red and White outfit on the runway toward the end of the clip. ENJOY!


Carla said...

Hi Gina, I'm happy for your friend! She is very pretty, too. I had to laugh on your story about the RC toys. My husband went thru that phase, too. LOL!

The Sarah Bear said...

Let me just say this girl is a hottie! That is clear - you see the pics.. but what is SUPER COOL is that she is hysterical, normal, good, and grounded! GO STACEY! GO BETTYANN! Now if we could just get her on America's Next Top Model - she would kick some real butt! I KNOW IT!

Anonymous said...

I know it too Heather,
Congrats Stacey, couldnt be happier for you and its only the begining.
BA, big hugs, congrats to you too.
Love u,

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