Friday, October 19, 2007

Christmas Is Indeed On Its Way!

Its all Heathers fault!!! She (with her pony posts) got my mind racing about Christmas gift giving. Until yesterday, I was just hell bent on everyone elses Christmas quilts! I woke this morning a bit panicky. ( it happens) I think I need a list! Wait! What about Thanksgiving? Its first! ACK!!! I have been toying with the idea of a first time YALL COME Christmas open house. All of the family cant stay here at the same time, but what if.............. I have a 2-3 week window of opportunity, and everyone calls to pick a date? Jst think how many CHristmas parties we can have! Woohoo! ( I'll need more money huh?)But what fun to have them all here a family at a time.

Last year, we stuffed the jeep AND Walts car until they would hold no more and headed to the valley. We felt like Santa & Mrs.Claus. We cooked, ate, drove, visited, slept, and came home on the 26th because Walt unfortunatley had to work:(. It wasnt fun at all. I didnt even decorate here. THIS year I am busy collecting seascape ornaments for a Pismo kinda tree. I think the kids will get a big WOW out of that dont you? I so wish to write NOEL in the sand with the kids.

Gift giving.... I'll need another list. I see post it notes in my future. I WILL tell you that I currently have 3 count em 3 gifts down! ( a milestone for me) I even have a January birthday gift in stock! (did I mention I'm late on 1 September birthday gift? grunt.)

I really like those ponies on Heathers post. I think Ill get those for the babies. I wish that I had time to quilt a few of these tops of mine for gift giving. I organized them last week, and I wont even tell you the number! I wanted badly to take the UFO challenge, but I knew I wouldnt do well with that. I havent finished my son James restoration wool quilt yet, let alone gifts!

So I'm off to ponder the whole Christmas fantasy while quilting today. I know I'll have visions of sugar plums dancing in my head... but thats okay... Sugar plums are always nice:)

TGIF, have a great one!


Anonymous said...

Noel written in Sand?
What about snow? wanna come and experience this?

LOLOL yeah right.
Love u, B.

Dianah said...

After reading this I headed to HomeGoods for some shopping. I did get 2 more gifts and some decorations. 75 days until Christmas! Where did the summer go?


Anonymous said...
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Deb said...

Christmas??? is that coming soon???
Oh crap, another deadline LOL!

Love the penguin pic...reminds me of the quilt I recently finished.

And Gina dear, to answer your question...yes, I am a moron. I am piecing to applique on top of it! Go figure. I did it once and liked the look, so now I'm doing it allot. BUT..I fuse and machine applique...not the needleturn hand kind of stuff....I'm an instant gratification kinda gal...that handstuff takes too long for me (:>) So now ya know..I'm a bit touched in the head! So sleep better tonight!

Randi said...

CRAP! I am so NOT ready for Christmas this year. CRAP!

kayp said...

yea! someone else that LOVES the hustle and bustle and gift giving pondering and lists and shopping and decorating and companying etc. say you'll be my forever friend!?!?!?

DearGina said...

LOL You guys are Kooky! lol
I really really really hope that I can clear out the studio in time to enjoy Christmastime:)

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