Monday, October 15, 2007

You KNOW What Day It Is Right?

Absolutley! Its Marvelous Monday!

Ever have a hard time with that whole attitude of gratitude? I do too sometimes. Whether you have not slept well, or your week didnt go the way you had planned, or just a high stress level. It is in fact difficult to always wear a smile of gratefulness. I am here to tell you that it really is in there somewhere, and when you ponder it awhile, you can surely find it! I often wonder if I have some kind of "Sybil" issues the way I bounce around. But then I usually dispute that by understanding that I just needed to take my damn hormones regularly. ::grin:: That whole "I'm out of estrogen and I got a gun" thing is true isnt it? Sheesh....Walt told me just the other day that he UNDERSTOOD PMS, not whats going on now, and can he have it back?" Of course he got THE LOOK.
I think the most bothersome is the memory loss. I worry that it may worsen with age, so if its bad now.. God help me. I am considering either holistic meds or brain games as we speak! You know how you tell a friend the same thing 3 times..and she just laughs and calls it CRS? How about the fact that you cant even tell a white lie because ya cant remember what you said the first time around! The other night, I really screwed up a recipe and didnt realize it until yesterday! It was that Oriental chicken salad on MQR that I have now enjoyed 3 times, and this week, I made it and thought...hmmm... what happened here? I passed it off as maybe I forgot to add splenda and just ate it and went back to work. Well, last night I went to make a salad to go with dinner, and opened the cripser drawer, what do I see? A bag of coleslaw and it hit me!!!
Now I ask you people... how in the hell do you make an oriental chicken salad and not only forget the slaw, but cannot figure out whats missing? OMG!
So I'm standing there... freezing in the doorway as usual..smacking myself mentally, thinking now G???? You dont mess up recipes, this ISNT what you do.... WTF is wrong with you? Were ya drinking? Did you forget your meds? I yelled to Walt about it.. of course, intuitively he says..." it was really good the way it was though Babe?" Some men just know what to say when eh? My whole point is this....Loved ones hear the song in my heart and sing it to me when my memory fails. For this, I am always grateful. I just have to ponder it awhile longer than before.

  • For a pleasant birthday even though I had to work.
  • For the yearly Epilepsy quilt to make
  • For Walts help this week
  • For HRT
  • For friends in the box
  • For Marias help this week
  • For Shawn's new picture (melt)
I will leave you with a recent picture of the newest grandson Shawn. Remember ?Check out his Dad's big feet! LOL Have a memorable week:)

DONE!! Clamshells coming out my ears! Need to sit and bind tonight,,, ahhhh Pass the coffee, and wheres my helpers?



Sharon said...

I hope that's just the way he is sitting or should you start investing in skis?

The Sarah Bear said...

Gina, it's me, Heather. I am your friend, remember? We met years ago? Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that your grandson is NOT A BABY ANYMORE! WHAT HAPPENED?!?! HAVE THEY BEEN GIVING HIM STEROIDS?!?!

But as big as he gets, his cuteness remains solid and true!

Thank you for sharing!!

Lynn Douglass said...

Your chicken salad story made me laugh. I find your behavior perfectly normal! LOL! Wonder what that says about me? ;-) That little grandson of yours is beautiful! Love the way the photo as a whole is done too!

Anonymous said...

Sybil issues, ROFL, I think I have them too, hysterical! poor Walt, poor Mike, LOLOL.
I am your friend, I will bitch slap you anytime you need it.

Gina, i have left out things in recipes too, and made it better. :)
and that Shawn of yours is a real sweetie.
Love u, B.

Dianah said...

Thank you for the Chicken Salad story! LMAO! The quilt is beautiful, I wish I could come help! I have friday off.

I did pick up the guide for the shop hop in your area, so when I come down I know where to go. Looks like spring! I did try to shop for Christmas gifts(fabric) at PIQF and nothing!


TeresaL said...

What a cutie!

Memory loss...scares the juice right out of me too often with what slips my mind. Someone used silicone in my brain.....nothing stays put in there any longer! On top of the memory struggles (heck, who is struggling---no effort needed to lose my train of thought....), the doctor is cutting me back on the hormones so that I can get off of them. Who the heck wants to quit them???!!! It is all that stands between me and total insanity.....

Mary said...

Yep, it's the memory loss that's getting to me too. I can deal with all the rest but I've always, ALWAYS been the one who remembers stuff. I really need to do more research so I'll know what to expect - will it get worse, stay the same, get better? I'm only 46 it HAS to get better.

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