Wednesday, October 24, 2007

GinaDearGina Reaches 10K Today!::EDITED TO INCLUDE WINNER!::

Isnt that cool?
For the 10 thousandth person to come in for a cuppa....
(I will see by your location) I will have a gift for your blogoyalty to DG!
Thanks so much for sharing my new found hobby/outlet/ventology place with me!
Congratulations to Carol Kimble!! please send me your snail mail address for a gift for you! WOW!!! I'm just amazed! & Heather, good girlscout try, 10,002!!!

I'd like to thank Ronda and her Hubby Jim for rescuing me yesterday via internet/phone while I proceeded to have a meltdown trying to change the switches in my machine. Thank you so much for your help! I'm staring at her now wondering what else she has in store for me today.
While closing in on a quilt yesterday my Greta Gammill went Sybil on me. YEP YEP YEP... Started going and wouldnt quit, all by herself! I followed in total disbelief! Finally came to stop and I powered down. After scratching things and powering up, it would not come back on. Get out manuel. Eat chips. Read said manuel. Eat alot more chips. NOTHING. I called my dealor.. an answering machine? leave your name and number? PPpfffttt. ( my customers are going to get a rope!) I called Cranberry Quiltworks, said to Gina,, HELPPPPP! Her tech guy tried? He had me begin disassembly on switches, which fell apart in my hand, as opposed to coming right out ( say that snarly, mockingly) I dont know what happened? I am most intimidated by this 2 ton tony machine of mine.. and I thought I had her in submission for the last few months. I decided to call Ronda, who had shown me how easy it was to switch switches down south. NOT, She failed to tell me about all the teeny parts that go flying if it doesnt go the way it should!

I call her... ringgggg Answering machine???? OMG . I left a 6 year old cry for help message.
I hopped up on the cutting table grabbed the bag of chips and watched more of the firestorm news. Waiting for the phone to ring. The call that came in was Ronda's. After alot of talking, picture swapping, whining, and yes, a glass of wine, its back together. We decided that the manuel SUCKS for help on this particular installation. We decided that wine works better than chips for consolation.
Poor Walt came in from his doctor appoinment, oblivious to what had gone on today and asked, whats wrong Babe? I just smiled and said, oh nothing.... would you like some dinner? btw.. The Beyers are coming for a vacation this winter.. he said, cool... when? oh wait... who? I shared my day and his only reply was , "gee Babe, you really arent mechanically inclined are you?"...


The Sarah Bear said...

Sorry about your machine, but... about the gift! LOL!

Do you mean 10,000th visitor, or do you really want 10,000 comments! LOL!

29 to go... I gotta go reset :) LOL

I really am sorry about the quilt.

DearGina said...

LOL thanks for the save! I changed wording:)

The quilts fine!!! What about me??? I have HIVES!

Anonymous said...

Greta went Sybil, OMG G, I was howling, you really have a way with words but I too am sorry you had such a hard day.
Come for summer Ill give you a treat.

rondakae said...

Ahhhh, dear Jim to the rescue, he has changed many of switches on my Gammill, he enjoyed getting you thru the switch.... Gina and I with our wine and poor Jim had a very bad day also (lol), now I ask you how do you open a beer with a fork, don't know, just another addition to a bad day, irate wife with a bad haircut, and poor Gina with a broken switch.... Glad you are up and quilting and tell Rudy to talk nicer when we are under stress..... I will call and give you my cell for future when I am not home.... See ya soon I hope... Hugs

DearGina said...

OH YEAH! I forgot to tell everyone how that darn bird kept calling me names all afternoon while I was suffering!!! Why cant he just dance instead of yelling at me???

Anonymous said...

Gina, you have the most interesting days. Sometimes I would like to be you sometimes NOT. Yesaterday was a not day. Hope today is better.

Judy Whitehead said...

Gina,I understand TOTALLY about the switches! LOL Mike has finally gotten to leaving me new switches inside replacement button parts .... you know the part you screw out...I just change the whole case and when he comes home he switches switches (LOL) for me for the next time. Switches switches....gee, that makes sense!!!! LOL

Randi said...

Gina, congrats on 10,000 visits. I'm getting close, and think I will have a drawing contest. I don't think I can tell who the 10,000 visitor is by my stats, but I will do like you did on your bday drawing. Glad you got help for your switches...I have a link for you, if you haven't already seen this. It's a really cute bird doing a really cute dance to Backstreet Boys. It will give you a smile for sure!

DearGina said...

thanks randi:) Look on the right to see more of snowball dances.. its under bird sanctuary:) Isnt he great???
download a site meter, its free ad pretty painless.. then u can see who comes in.

Randi said...

Thanks Gina...I think I got it added!

The Sarah Bear said...

Randi's having a contest?!?!

WHAT SITE!!! :) Maybe I will win over there. Hrmmph!


kayp said...

glad your bummer day is on the upswing.

Sewing Up A Storm said...

I have had days like that! Actually I should just begin today with a glass of wine and spend the rest of the day in a drunken stoupor.......................... NOT! Too much to do and too many people counting on me to do this and that. Reading your post made me realize that maybe I am not the only one with bad days. I so hope that Sybill has gone back to being her sweet self and today is better!

Deb said...

Days like that just freak me out! Wine is time skip the chips and go straight to the wine :)

Glad you got help and things are back to normal now.

Love that veggie bra!! Hope someone makes it for ya..won't be me though cause I dunno how :(

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