Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Salba the New Wonder food?

"Let your food be your medicine and your medicine your food" – Hippocrates.

CHIA= Mayan word meaning STRENGTH

I find it difficult at best to view my body as the machine that IT IS. But I'm trying? I want to share what I think is a WOW FIND with you! I am on day 9, and I think I should SAY SOMETHING!! First, let me preface this by saying I have been in trouble with all items listed below for quite a few years now. ( Since the accident) I cannot find anything that works, not even just shutting my mouth. Doesnt work. I can no longer work out as I used to, and it seems to have had a domino effect on me. I dont wish to sound like I'm copping out, cause I have gotten lazy too. Things just hurt more now.. some call it age, I call it lazy.

BUT ....in only 9 days I have effortlessly held back hunger, and I find myself with more energy than I have had in quite some time! Im not the energizer bunny by any means, but I'm not dragging butt either! I am up at 5:00 am and productive by 6:00!! I have lost a few pounds without trying and my new size 14 NYDJ (not your daughters jeans) jeans fit great! WHO KNEW???

So I just want to say that THIS product gets kudos from me, and much more time to see how we do:) I would be most excited if my blood pressure comes down, along with my weight!

I put a heaping tablespoon into a few ounces of juice in the morning, and thats it! (tasteless too) Now they say to sprinkle it on things, or use in recipes, however I havent done that yet. I think I will! I have been reading YOUR BEST LIFE this week...cause I read every diet book that comes down the pike.. and I agree with much Bob Greene has to say, implementing, is the hard part. Salba, seems to help. Wish me luck, and do investigate for yourselves! Clic on Salba link and read up! Locations for purchasing as well here. I bought mine through Amazon.com since there are no major health food stores closeby.

Nutrition researchers looking at SALBA have called it an "almost perfect food". It's many benefits include:Providing energy Boosting strength Bolstering endurance' Leveling blood sugar ,Inducing weight loss ,Aiding intestinal regularity,Reducing inflammation,Reducing blood pressure,Improvement in blood coagulation


Sharon said...

Ok where you get and does it come in a 55 gallon drum???

Carol said...

I am going to get some as well. I have been doing WW online and walking. So far so good, but I need a boost and this sounds perfect!

Vicki W said...

Hmm, interesting. I'll have to look into that!

The Sarah Bear said...

The packaging looks like the food I feed my fish... but do you think that would stop me from eating, drinking, sprinkling it?! HELL NO! Tell me this, does it make you want to clean your house??

That's what I need, a house clean inducer and a body weight reducer.

Hang on... going to amazon.com

Anonymous said...

Im so glad its working for you, I am feeling most excellent too, just finished my first bag, M and I share, off to the health food store today, after Mark's of course. :)

DearGina said...

lol funny H... Yes, it resembles fish food. never considered that...lol
B u are on second bag huh? WOW! I cant get Walt on board yet.. he runs down stairs screaming for his Hoodia pill...grunt.

Terri said...

Is the Hoodia working for Walt? I tried it and didn't have much success. Maybe I got the wrong brand.

DearGina said...

yes terri, he really likes it for energy, however weight has no effect, he is still as hungry as always? LOL
It is Hoodia 24 at costco

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