Saturday, October 13, 2007

McDonalds Will Pay Me!


Yes indeed its true! They wish to give me millions to increase my backside! Not only that, but if you SUPERSIZE YOUR FRIES, you get BONUS STICKERS! I think I intensly dislike these peoples!!! (as I am assembling my game board) I just went there for the yogurt parfait to put in Walts lunch in an emergency you see.... so I asked where my sticker was. The cute hispanic girl told me that there is a list of items that the sticker comes in on your game board. I peeked real quick, and funnily enough.. yogurts werent listed? Hmmmmm

I pointed to the board and exclaimed Look! No purchase nessary to win! She said would you like to order some french fries? I said no.. I still want the parfait, and a game piece please. She repeated herself about where I could find the list. I repeated myself about no purchase nessary to win.(giving her visual aide) I heard a flat tire noise coming from her mouth... it kind of reminded me of my teenagers when they were pissy with me. I asked the cutie patootie to get her manager for me. She complied and here comes another cutie with an empty french fry sleeve in her hand extended to me. I smiled and said thank you, I'll see you tomorrow okay? WHAT a dirty look I got! LOL I pondered all the way home about the food industry in America trying to make us all fat, while the powers at be get fat in the wallet. I decided that I shall play this game with them, and let the best man win.....I wont be buying into their fat fry game though. I'm going to stand my ground on the yogurt parfaits, and throw in a salad or 2. I am woman here me snore!!!Who wants to get onboard with me?

Enjoy your Saturday!LYG,



Sharon said...

OMG I could see this little thing's face about this time. Reminds me of the little girl who tried to ring up the seperating thingy (the stick you put between your purchases and the next guy's) and couldn't figure out why it wouldn't ring up!

To Be Continued... said...

hey, lucas wont eat there since he saw supersize me,, he said it all gross.

Terri said...

way to go Gina! Since when does "no purchase necessary" translate to "We lied. Do you want fries with that?" Still smiling here.

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