Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

What festivities do ya have going on there? I am now on page 2 of my list because I failed yesterdays list miserably! I have YET to pick up candies or pumpkins, bad girl eh? Walt left this morning chanting "big punkin big BIG punkin Woman!". He is quite happy ass in the morning and that doesn't really mix well with my shuffling eh? ::No worries, I'm used to it::

I will miss seeing my grand babies this evening, thank God for Web Cam and digital photos! I will NOT miss the calamity of foods, scheduling, kids, car trips, flashlight walks, and freezing my butt off in the night air, whilst we schlep 4 kids round begging for treats. Insert sympathy pains for my adult kids. (or was that snicker pains?) What other night in the year do we EVER go round doing this? Or would we? Can you tell yet that this is not a favored holiday? Don't get me wrong, I love the dressing up, the pretending, the kids excitement and all.. but the treat seeking mission, no likey. For several years we did our church carnival thing, and that was much preferred over door to door stranger visits. I think that way should be the new rule.

But... the kids will come tonight, and Walt WILL have his fun with the punkin and candy, and that's ok too. I am going to put on a huge Roasta beef (as my Jake used to call it) and let the aroma permeate the house. Strangely enough it calls more visitors down the street. I think its the parents myself... "Turn this way kids, I think thats a good house!"

As a young Mom my friends and I would often times use this evening as a progressive dinner night. Hot Toddie's and hor de` orves...then onto soups n salads, next stop main event entrees, ending with desserts, tired children, trick or treat bag fondling Dads, alot of laughs and yep... Good fresh hot coffee:)
Have a wonderful evening everyone, be safe, and send me pictures!
You KNEW I couldnt help it right?


rondakae said...

I almost spit my coffee all over the computer screen, too damn funny..... You are the absolute best, thanks for my early am smile..... Love to you enjoy the babies

Anonymous said...

I invited my brother and his girlfriend last night for dinner, brilliant plan I had, we all took turns answering the door, it was a warm Halloween here, warmest in 50 yrs, so....all the ghosts and witches were out or should I say Spidermans and princesses. lol.

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