Thursday, November 1, 2007

November 1 does NOT = Christmas time!

Can we get through my punkin decor first? Can I enjoy fall stuff first? I woke up to Tony Bennett singing "Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year"!!! I know that but WAIT FOR ME K????
Day after Halloween, we commercial up to Christmas. Forget the fact that we havent had Thanksgiving yet huh? Jeez oh criminy! Didnt we used to have rules for this too? Yes, I remember them... Black Friday, (day after thanksgiving) is kick off for shoppers and husbands cue to begin zapping themselves with little twinkly lights. (or was that beer and football, I cant recall)
The weekend that we women make a list, check it twice and let the hip shoving begin! Nooooo.... I'm feeling pressure to do it now! I went to Marshalls yesterday for a new mattress pad and there were women hip shoving in the 75 percent off for fall decor isle!!! Know what? I JOINED EM!!! yep yep yep... I got lots of clearence items giving way to Christmas.. for 75 % off that! (imagine 120.00 to begin with, then clearenced, then move em out) bottom line was... CHA-CHING 14. 27 cents!!! Oh I nearly peed my pants! Heres what I want to know... WHY wasnt it this price to begin with? Look what they are doing!!! K.. I'm off track here... I got the mattress pad, and fall clearance stuff, and I felt pressured coming home and quilting yet another Christmas tree quilt. I'm not ready for Christmas time yet. I wish to enjoy fall first. I missed Montreal in the fall:(.. I think I'll ponder this more while quilting today. Im not loading another tree either. GRUNT.


Sharon said...

Jeeze.....all I did was stay home and quilt. Did go to the post office, expecting a box but all I got was junk least no bills!
Glad you made out tho!

Anonymous said...

Montreal misses you too. :((


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