Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I'm not a happy camper today. There, I've said it. Its not usual, or accepted. I am cranky because I'm cranky!
My Bionic knee has decided to flare up just when I need it most. I have precious little time to finish valley quilts, and standing is about to kill me:( So can I vent to all Yall?( Linda Taylor speak)
I havent worn a FOOTBALL for a knee in quite a long time, and since last night, man oh man.... I could barely sleep for the pain last night! If I had known that this would happen to me, I never would have had the knee surgery at all. And God forbid the right knee goes, because its just not happening. This morning, I held on tight to come down the stairs..remembering days gone by. I am hobbling, and I have all that work over there----->

I took Naproxen, I'm going to find my knee wrap, and send me good thoughts please, cause I just have to keep going:(
It poses the question...Do you wish to have your mind go first, or your body? Well, I STILL have to have a ponder right?


Ronda Beyer said...

Sending you hugs and kisses, knees are nasty things when they want to act up..... From one bionic knee gal to another, get your behind to the Doc, it could be an infection, I know this one for sure, maybe some simple meds will help...... This is nothing to ignore, call the Dco, please..... Darn bodies anyway... Take care of mt friend Gina..... Hugs

Sharon Dixon said...

Oh you poor thing! I'm sending hugs and good wishes your way. Feel better soon.

The Sarah Bear said...

Sorry you hurt. I will put a post-it note up for you. I wish I was there to 'Girl Friday' for you. I would work for good music and tortilla chips.

Love you.

The Sarah Bear said...

worrying about you...

Dianah said...

I will help H be 'Girl Friday.' I will get the thread and wine.

Take care of you!

Jan Thompson said...

Big hugs coming your way - so sorry you are in such pain. Mind?/Body? HMMMMMMMMM - I've seen both, and neither one is very good! Let's ponder something else today, what do you say?

DearGina said...

Thanks everyone.. I'm going into dr this morning... Horrible night again. Swelling down, but no weight can be pput on it at all.
( dieting in my future?)

Randi said...

So sorry, Gina! Hope it's better soon. Your knee and my shoulder...I'm behind on all my blog readings 'cause of it.

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